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Bacchus’ Haven is a bustling, colorful village on the southern edge of the region of Bohemia. From the joyous harvest festival to the end of every day in the brightly-lit and always-crowded tavern, the denizens of Bacchus’ Haven are prone to find any occasion they can to celebrate together. Whether you’re looking for conversation on how to maintain relationships while embracing the Bacchus’ philosophy, or just to idle away the hours talking with the tavern maid (who has been in pretty much any configuration of revelers she can imagine,) you are welcome in the village of Bacchus’ Haven.

The tavern maid crossed her arms beneath plump breasts as she eyed the dusty, road-weary adventuring party who had just tracked dirt into her tidy common area. “Aye, I suppose you’ll do. Upstairs with the lot of you, and I’ll be along once I’ve swept up your mess.” She swatted fondly at the well-formed rear end of the Paladin as he hurried past.

Exhibition Theatre Quests

Interest in Bacchus’ Haven

To claim this quest:

Bacchus’ Haven is a gathering place for all kinds of group sex. Threesomes, foursomes, friends with benefits or beautiful strangers – if it involves more than two party members, this is a good place to start your quest. If you would like to learn more about what Bacchus’ Haven holds for you, take this quest!

Four-Member Party

To claim this quest:

What’s better than a three way? Well, if you ask certain residents of Bacchus’ Haven, there are some who might have some opinions on that subject. A three way is a whole lot of fun, but adding another body just increases the possibilities. It doesn’t matter what you did, as long as there were four of you venturing into the unknown together, you can claim this quest!

Party Switch

To claim this quest:

You know that old wisdom, “never split the party,” well there are those in the village of Bacchus’ Haven who beg to differ. They switch partners faster than the annual festival square dancers, to the delight of all involved. Sure, you can dance with the one that brought you, but there’s really so much dancing to be done… If you show up with one dance partner, then spend time with another as the festival heats up, you can claim this quest.

Epic Scale

To claim this quest:

As you head into town, you see three-ways, four-ways – little clusters of villagers, combining their bodies into all kinds of interesting configurations, but none of that is enough for you. You are looking to join into a group sex event of truly epic scale, the orgy. If you’ve been part of a pile of more than four people, all interacting in fun and sexy ways, or been to a party that’s all about sexual excess by sheer numbers, you can claim this Quest.

Daisy Chain

To claim this quest:

Two hands, two feet, two ends of our bodies – what’s the point of having all of these extremities, if we aren’t going to use them to link our bodies into some giant ring of carnal fun time? There are lots of ways to link human bodies into a circle, leaving no one disconnected. Hand-jobs in a circle, oral all around, you can even get creative with feet – as long as everyone gathers around and completes the circuit, you can claim this quest.

Air Tight

To claim this quest:

Bacchus’ Haven sits right between the river and the cove, and as a port city, the residents here know the important of keeping everything ship shape and airtight. To claim this quest, you’ll need someone in possession of three holes, and some other people with body parts that they’re willing to put into those holes. Whether you are the guest of honor or a helpful participant, you can claim this quest!

Gang Bang

To claim this quest:

In Bacchus’ Haven, group sex is an everyday thing. No one bats an eye at groups of varying numbers in coital bliss. Some activities, though, are special occasions that need more than just a number of people to carry out. The Gang Bang is one of those occasions. To claim this quest, you’ll need to participate in a group sex act with one focal person. (This is the tavern maid’s favorite way to spend her birthday!)

Visit the Tavern:

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