Irrumation Point

At the tip of the southwest peninsula of Sub Dominae Territory, travelers with penises, and travelers who love them will find the novel charms of Irrumation Point. While visitors are welcome at the Irrumation Point Keep at any time, it’s a particularly well traveled destination on feast days, when the unique features of the main hall are put to use for the purpose of celebration. Legend has it that some long-ago Lord of the Keep was particularly keen on fellatio, especially the more forceful version of that act, known as irrumation, hence the naming of the peninsula. In fact, this ancestor of the current Lord of the Keep was so fond of irrumation, he had the Keep designed with face sized holes at waist height, all up and down the walls of the feast hall, with connecting chambers where recipients could wait for his attentions. The present Lord of the Keep has kept the customs of the Keep, and to this day, if you visit on any of Kinktasia’s high feast days, you’ll find the ‘Glory Hall’ in full use, with penis-having guests thrusting away at mysterious faces, not-quite-hidden from view in the secret chambers beyond. In fact, if you visit on the right feast day, you may even encounter the Lord of the Keep himself, wearing his impressive formal phallus and celebrating with the commoners in traditional form.

By the time the Weaver arrived at the Keep, the feast was already in full swing. Outside the windows, darkness held sway, but the fire roared away in the hearth, and the entryway was warmly lit. The Weaver was a little nervous – she’d never been to a feast before, but she’d met the Lord, and he’d seemed a decent sort. As the majordomo swung the door to the Glory Hall open, she couldn’t believe her eyes – musicians played raucous music, and while many were seated at the long trestle tables, enjoying food and drink, many more were lined up along the walls, cocks thrusting enthusiastically in and out of the broad holes that allowed access, not just to the eager mouth on the other side, but in fact, the entire face. Some of the guests had even put hands through to grasp the cheeks of the givers as they pursued their pleasure. The Weaver knew that she wanted to be on the other side of that wall, but she wasn’t sure how to get there. She stood, biding her time, for a while near one of the tables, nibbling on some cheese as she watched the festivities. Sometimes, the men would continue pumping vigorously into the faces behind the wall until they’d give a great, shuddering final thrust, then tie their trousers back on, finished with no fanfare. Others would pull back and away at the last, spraying the smiling backlit faces in shimmering glories. The Weaver started to make her way around the edges of the room, looking for some way into the ‘Giving Chambers,’ when a figure stepped in front of her. “My Lady, welcome to the Keep.” She caught her breath – it was the Lord himself, and he was as charming as she remembered him. “Can I help you find something?” His smile was knowing as their eyes met. The Weaver tried to sound nonchalant, though she knew she sounded breathless. “It’s only that… well, I was hoping…” The Lord rescued her from having to say the words. “A Giving Chamber, m’Lady?” Biting her lip, the Weaver nodded. “If I might be so bold, my Lord. I had heard that you, yourself were sometimes known to celebrate here.” Now the Lord laughed a little. “I’d have to go upstairs and fetch my formal cock. I hadn’t planned to celebrate tonight. Early morning and all.” He eyed the Weaver’s hungry eyes, her lip still caught between her teeth. “But I wouldn’t dare say no to such a tempting request.” It was only a few short moments later that the Weaver found herself kneeling on a thoughtfully padded cushion, her face tilted fetchingly through the hole as the Lord thrust his broad, smooth cock into her greedy mouth. She knew, as she took it all the way back to batter the back of her throat that though this may be her first experience with the Lord of the Keep in the Glory Hall, it would not be her last.

Irrumation Point Quests

Interest in Irrumation Point

Across the land of Kinktasia, fellatio is hailed as a great and treasured art. From lying back passively and receiving head, to the active and athletic act of ‘face-fucking,’ there are many ways to receive the gifts of phallus-focused oral sex. The Lord of the Keep is born of generations of irrumation enthusiasts, and while he wasn’t born with his cock, it hasn’t stopped him from becoming quite skilled at wielding it in Glory Hall. If you are interested in fellatio, irrumation or any other variant of phallus-focused oral sex, you can claim this quest.

Deep Throat

While most anyone can put a cock in their mouth, it can take a little more practice to gain skill at the art of deep throating. Through practice, one can absolutely learn to suppress the gag reflex and enjoy the sensation of a hard cock, nestling against the back of the throat. Alternatively, the gag reflex can be allowed to behave in its natural function, which is another aesthetic that some people enjoy. If you settle in and enjoy a proper deep throating session, you can claim this quest.

Accept the Gift

In Glory Hall, an entire culture has grown up around the practice of celebrating high holidays by exchanging phallic oral pleasures though the holes in the walls. In fact, the southwest region of Sub Dominae is known to celebrate more high feastdays than any other region in Kinktasia. One terminology that has become quite popular is to refer to the swallowing of semen as ‘accepting the gift.’ Rumor has it that those who follow this practice from the Giving Chambers are afforded good luck that will last all the way until the next feastday. If you play with phallic-focused oral sex that ends in ‘accepting the gift,’ you can claim this quest.

Wear the Gift

Another popular folk legend that has arisen around the feastday celebrations at Irrumation Point surrounds the recipients in the Giving Chambers who don’t swallow, but instead allow the celebrant’s semen to cover their faces. This practice is known as ‘wearing the gift’ and is said to bring great benefits to the skin. It is said that recipients who ‘wear the gift’ will be seen as more beautiful or handsome to potential mates during the coming days. In fact, more than one ambitious, lovestruck youth has ventured out on a feastday for the sole purpose of ‘wearing the gift’ in an attempt to win the favor of a crush after the feastday has ended. If you play with ‘wearing the gift,’ you can claim this quest. (And let us know in the Tavern whether you were able to bewitch any unsuspecting partners with your resulting magic-assisted beauty!)


Glory Hall isn’t the only part of the Keep where people entertain themselves with fellatio on feastdays. There is also a wading pool outside, where during summer festivals, many dalliances take place. Another piece of folklore around this practice says that if a partner can bring the possessor of a phallus to orgasm while underwater, (accepting any gift that may ensue) that partner will accumulate some unexpected windfall in the coming weeks. While there has been no evidence of sudden riches flooding into the area after balmy summer festivals (despite many givers who succeed annually at this challenge) it is still a great source of entertainment for the summer feastgoers. If you can succeed at this challenge, whether outside in a hot tub or swimming pool or indoors in a bathtub, you can claim this quest.

Toast of the Gods

While ‘accepting the gift’ by swallowing semen is always considered well favored in Glory Hall, there is one feastday of the year that takes that practice a step further. At midsummer, the feastday that takes place is meant to honor the bounty of the Gods, enjoying all of their favorite foods and drinks. On that particular feastday, it is considered favorable to the Gods for celebrants to release semen into tall, elegant glass flutes, which the givers can then drink in full sight of the feast hall, so that everyone might appreciate the bounty of the Gods. If you drink semen from a champagne flute (or are kind enough to fill said glass for your partner to toast the Gods) you can claim this quest.

Feastday Celebration

Just like anywhere else in Kinktasia, the denizens of Irrumation Point enjoy fellatio any day of the year in the privacy of their own homes. On feastdays, however, they like to gather in Glory Hall so that they can practice their favorite act of celebration in public. If you practice phallus-focused oral sex in public with a consenting audience, you can claim this quest.

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