Hair Pull Point

On Sub Dominae’s eastern peninsula the cosmopolitan traveler can find the best known salon in all of Kinktasia. However, this is Kinktasia after all, and this salon doesn’t accept payment in the form of coin. The Sadist will style your hair in whatever length, style and color you like, and they are quite talented at their work. They accept their payment, however, in their affinity for hair pulling, and if you prefer a gentle stylist, perhaps Hair Pull Point may not be the salon for you. If, on the other hand, having your hair brushed and combed and tugged roughly as it’s styled just so sounds like your cup of tea, don’t miss Hair Pull Point on your travels through Sub Dominae Territory.

The Gardener had been to see the Sadist several times now – it was quickly becoming the high point of her week. There was something about the feeling of having her hair pulled that seemed to release all of the stress her body had accumulated throughout the month. Not only that, but her hair always looked fantastic when she left the salon. She thought she knew the whole routine by now, so she was caught completely off guard when the Sadist approached the chair looking thoughtful and asked her “Maybe you’d like to come to the back room today. There’s a new diamond knot corset in this month’s Rope Fashion Review that would look amazing on you.” The Gardener was stunned, but she agreed. She had heard about the art that the Sadist created in the back room here, but she’d never imagined she might be a part of it. It was funny really, because the focus with which the Sadist tied knots into the brightly colored rope they wrapped around her now-naked body was the same as the way they styled her hair, and if she was worried she’d be disappointed in a lack of hair-pulling, she quickly discovered that there was no reason for concern. The Sadist moved steadily around her, tugging sharply on the rope in one place and another as they secured the decorative knots that clutched the Gardener’s chest snugly, then taking handfuls of her hair and tugging on it in the same, brisk way. As they came to the end of the decorative corset, they tied the Gardener’s hair into a series of pigtails that were bound into tiny ropes that the Sadist had incorporated into the corset back at the beginning. The Gardener relaxed into the sharp tugging of her hair, breathing as deeply as the corset would allow, already planning how soon she could get here again for her next visit.

Hair Pull Point Quests

Interest in Hair Pull Point

The Sadist is an expert stylist because they love the feel of running hair through their hands, long or short. They love the tension of giving a thick handful of hair a solid tug, and they love the gasps that they draw from the person in the chair when they do. If you know how the Sadist feels, or if you love the feeling of having your hair pulled tight, you can claim this quest.

200 Strokes

While the Sadist loves to pull hard enough on a ponytail to take their client’s breath away, they know that there are many levels on which hair pulling can be enjoyed, and they don’t all have to hurt. Having your hair brushed thoroughly, especially long hair, can be soothing, and a good warm up to further tugging. If you play with hair brushing, giving or receiving 200 strokes of the brush, you can claim this quest.

Tight Ponytail

The Sadist has been an expert, both at styling and at pulling hair for a long time. Still, they know that when they train new apprentices at the salon, one of the first steps in pulling the hair of a new client is to grab as much hair as possible to pull. Pulling on lots of hair at once reduces the pain level and gives you a good sense of the tolerance of the client. One good technique, both for putting some low level tension on the hair, as well as giving yourself a good handle to grip involves tying the hair into a nice, tight ponytail. If you play with tying your client’s hair into a ponytail and tugging on it (or if you are the client having your ponytail tied and pulled), you can claim this quest.

It Means They Like You

If the first step at teaching a new apprentice to pull hair involves a single ponytail, the next step along the path is to tie the client’s hair into two pigtails for pulling. Not only are pigtails an adorable look, they are comprised of half the hair of a single ponytail, and make for more intense pulling as a result. If you play with pulling on pigtails, you can claim this quest.

Serious Hair Pulling

Much of the Sadist’s work takes place in the chair at the front of the salon. That’s where they style and pull on the hair of anyone who comes in through the front door and is willing to submit to a little rough handling. However, once a client reaches a certain level of tolerance, the Sadist is known to invite them into the back of the shop, where things get a little more serious. Some hair pulling can be nice in the early phases of play, but the Sadist does their best work after things get more intense, and their favorite time for some real hair pulling is during a nice, deep orgasm. If you play with hair pulling during or close to orgasm, you can claim this quest.

Stylish Restraint

In the back room of the salon, there’s more than just hot, hair-pulling sex going on. The Sadist is an artist with more than just hair, and another favorite hobby of theirs is a chic style of decorative bondage. Nothing relaxes the sadist more than tying a client up into the season’s latest style of rope corset or dress, and they never forget to incorporate the client’s hair into their artwork. Bondage that includes the hair is not just a stylistic curiosity, it’s also a clever way to introduce some minor pain and predicament into your scene. If you play with hair bondage, you can claim this quest.

From One Client to Another

Normally, the Sadist likes to focus on one client at a time. After all, every hairstyle (or bondage masterpiece) deserves a stylist’s full attention. Once in a while though, the Sadist will bring more than one client into the back room at a time. They are fond of an intricate style of bondage that uses no rope, but instead is comprised of braiding the hair of multiple long-haired clients together. If you play with braiding the hair of multiple people together, combining the Sadist’s favorite hobbies of styling, hair pulling and bondage into a single, artistic pursuit, you can claim this quest.

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