Fort Discipline

Along the northern boundary of Sub Dominae Territory, travelers will find the enormously popular destination of Fort Discipline. Lovers of punishment of all persuasions will find themselves delighted by the many diversions offered at this fascinating destination. From humiliations at the public platform and the wheel of shame to physical repercussions at the whipping post, the stocks, and the rack, no matter what kind of punishment you deserve to receive or want to try your hand at doling out, you’re likely to find it at Fort Discipline beneath the stern supervision of the Captain. Other points of interest involve the horse, where punishments of positional discomfort are carried out, and the whirligig, a device that makes diabolical use of spinning motion. Add those to the various punishments that make use of what the punisher can carry in their own hands, from flogging to birching, and many sadists and masochists could easily spend an entire bliss-filled vacation without leaving Fort Discipline!

The gates of Fort Discipline were tall and intimidating. Before they even entered, they could hear screams and the sounds of impact echoing through the surrounding hills. The Mistress nudged her two submissives a little less than gently as they hesitated outside the gates. “Go on, then.” Wielding her paddle lightly, she swung it first at the backs of her boy’s thighs, then her girl’s. “Do you want to go home?” Both of them answered quickly in unison. “No, madam.” Still nervous, they leaned together like frightened puppies as they crept through the gate. Once inside, they were surrounded by a maelstrom of noise and activity. On the public platform, one Master was flogging a squealing submissive, while several more motionless s-types suffered in silence, bound in various positions of discomfort. A foot soldier stood at the Wheel of Shame, spinning it as Dominants approached to suggest humiliations to be carried out, from public namecalling and throwing of vegetables, to spitting and golden showers. The Mistress hesitated there, watching her submissives and considering, but their shivers told her they might not be quite ready for humiliations quite so public. Perhaps tomorrow. As they made their way onward, she noticed her boy seemed fascinated by the stocks, while her girl was intrigued by the whirligig. She made note of these things, but first, she took them to sate her own desires, to the bondage horse. She nodded to the Captain, who was helpful enough to assist her in tying her two subs, face to face on the horse, their arms around one another. The Captain was rough, but efficient as he ran ropes around the naughty girl and boy while they wept prettily. Once they were tied securely, the Mistress raised an eyebrow at the Captain. “Would you care to help me?” The Captain nodded, selecting a short lash from the nearby table, a polite tool to allow them both to work side by side. The Mistress tugged lightly on the gag that was tied in her girl’s mouth – the girl was a screamer, and while she planned to share those lovely screams with the entire Fort later tonight, for now it served her purposes to muffle them. She watched for a bit, as the Captain began to go about his craft, warming her submissives’ skin nicely with easy strokes. She did love to watch a professional at his craft. Still, there was much work to be done, and it wouldn’t do to leave her submissives disappointed on their first night in the Fort. She picked up a flogger from the table and set to work.

Fort Discipline Quests

Interest in Fort Discipline

Punishment (and its close neighbor funishment) are essential elements to the art of dominance and submission for many kinksters. While you can find impact in many cities, this city is specifically devoted to all of the varied and wondrous means of punishment – from repercussion for rules broken, to the natural progression of desired bratting – from punishments that never could have been avoided, to funishments that are all in good fun. All of that and more can be part of the festivities at Fort Discipline. If punishment play is of interest to you, you can claim this quest.

In the Punisher’s Hands

Even though Fort Discipline is a bit like a theme park for lovers of punishments of all kinds, with lots of fun ‘rides,’ there are still those D-types who prefer their own tools. From floggers, paddles, crops or whips to a good old fashioned spanking with one’s own hand, there are many ways to deliver a punishment without any bells and whistles. If you play with punishment through any of these tools, for any reason, you can claim this quest.

Equipment-Assisted Punishment

Fort Discipline is all about offering visitors novel, entertaining ways to dispense and receive punishments, whether those are public or not. While there are those who place submissives into the stocks, tie them to the whipping post, or otherwise restrain them just for display purposes, usually those devices are best enjoyed with a solid helping of impact. If you make use of any restraint device, with or without accompanying impact for the sake of punishment, you can claim this quest.

Positional Discomfort

While impact, with or without restraint is definitely a favorite method of punishment at the Fort, some more subtle D-types prefer a quieter kind of consequence. From the old military punishment of ‘bucking’ to various kinds of predicament bondage, to creative use of weights and pressure, there are many ways that just holding a particular position can cause devious amounts of punishing pain. If you play with punishment, for any reason, by positional discomfort, you can claim this quest.


The Captain is a genius when it comes to finding ways to inflict punishment, from the very physical to the deeply psychological. One of his favorite devices at the Fort is called the Whirligig, and it allows a Dominant to spin the submissive inside as quickly and for as long as they desire, inflicting punishment through the body’s own sense of movement and position. While you might not have access to a Whirligig, there are many ways to inflict spinning, from an office chair to a playground merry-go-round at an unoccupied park. A similar brand of punishment can be imposed by inverting a submissive upside-down. If you play with this sort of punishment, for any reason, you can claim this quest.

Public Punishment

There’s a reason why so many of the most interesting punishment devices at Fort Discipline are so public – there’s something about being punished where (consenting) others can see that can make the entire experience more intense. If you play with punishment of any kind in a public setting (perhaps at a play party or among kinky friends), you can claim this quest.

Public Humiliation

Another of the Captain’s more diabolical innovations is the Wheel of Shame. It’s a great wheel with various methods of crowd humiliation written on its segments. The wheel is spun for each punishee, then an eager crowd of participants follows the directions given by where the wheel stops. From relatively gentle options like name-calling and insults, to thematic classics like throwing of fruits and vegetables, there can be great power in public humiliation scenes, if you have access to the right environment. If you play with some sort of humiliation punishment that involves participation by a crowd (even a small one!) you can claim this quest.

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