On the eastern edge of Sub Dominae Territory, on the banks of the river sits the unassuming little town of Edging. It’s not for the town itself that visitors come from miles around, but for the modern wonder that is the Edging Symphony. All the most skilled instrumentalists in Kinktasia live here, so that they can take part in a most unique show of musical prowess, as they don’t play instruments of brass or wood, but instead draw their music from living beings. Each instrumentalist has their very own instrument, and while some work with hands and fingers and others with mouth or bow, they bring sounds from them at their will, guiding gasps and moans and cries from pianissimo to forte for the delight of the evening’s audience. The Edging Symphony is a sight to see for any traveler looking to enjoy the cultured sights of Kinktasia, but for music lovers in particular, the town of Edging is not to be missed.

As the lights came down in the Hall, at first the sound that came from the orchestra was much the same as the hushed whispering that had come from the audience before. Each instrumentalist settled their instrument into stands that held them in various positions, some of them held upright, legs askew, others reclining so that their instrumentalists could access them from seated positions. Each human instrument, after all, must be played according to their own capabilities. As the instrumentalists warmed their instruments, however, a soft hum began to rise of voices, each unique but winding together into a single harmonic tone as each instrumentalist tuned their instrument to precise levels of tension. The Conductor raised the baton, and hands and mouths and bows began to move with focused intent, bringing the voices to a louder, more tense note. For the next hour, the instrumentalists kept their instruments drawn tight, winding them higher or lower as the symphony they played demanded, each touching their instruments as only they knew how, tweaking nipples, penetrating mouths and masterfully manipulating genitalia to pull precisely the desired response from their well-trained vocal chords. The audience shifted in their seats, feeling the unavoidable call of tension as the Conductor led the orchestra home into the finale, and all at once, in a single breath, the instrumentalists brought their instruments to frenzied release, their voices calling out in disciplined crescendo that no member of the audience would ever forget.

Edging Quests

Interest in Edging

Any instrumentalist will tell you that practice is the heart of their craft, and edging is not an art for the impatient. Just as a musician must learn the skills of playing a type of instrument, and the specific idiosyncrasies of one particular model, so must the edging instrumentalist learn the secrets of their submissive instrument’s body. Edging involves a level of control that not only demands that the instrument experience sexual tension at precisely the level that the instrumentalist commands, but also that they not spill over into orgasm uncontrollably, a skill that can take as much training as the playing of a mundane musical instrument. If edging is an art that is of interest to you, you can claim this quest.

One Hour of Practice

Just as someone who wants to learn to play the piano or the guitar must start with practice, this is also how the instrumentalists learn their craft. Practice is the best way to learn which kinds of stimulation bring your instrument up in stimulation levels and which kinds are soothing, and more importantly to learn your instrument’s ‘tells’ when they are close to losing control. If you spend a full hour edging, either by yourself or with a partner, you can claim this quest.

Advanced Practice

As instrumentalists increase in skill, if they want to eventually play in the Edging Symphony, they must practice for longer and longer periods of time. After all, the professional instrumentalists in the orchestra spend most of their days practicing. If you increase your skill at edging enough to practice for a two hour session, you can claim this quest (whether you are edging by yourself or with a partner.)

Take Lessons

While some of the musical greats are self-taught, many talented instrumentalists start out with lessons. The internet is full of resources that you can access if you are looking for some direction to help get the hang of edging. There is a whole genre of porn called Jerk Off Instruction (JOI) that involves exactly that, and it isn’t just for solo play. A partner can follow the directions on your body, for an interesting twist on an edging play session. Another interesting variation, for fans of gaming, is a genre of porn called ‘Cock Hero’ – meant to mimic the once-popular ‘Guitar Hero’ type of game, where music plays, and meters indicate a rhythm with which to stroke (your own or your partner’s body) Don’t be fooled by the name, ‘Cock Hero’ can be enjoyed with any anatomy! Play with one of these ‘lesson’ formats to claim this quest.

Daily Practice

For serious instrumentalists, practicing once in a while will never grant the skill level necessary to perform in the Edging Symphony, though it is a fun hobby. In order to gain professional levels of edging skill, daily practice is necessary. Often, advanced instrumentalists will keep their instruments tuned and ready for play by practicing daily without allowing release. If you play with edging for one hour per day for a whole week without orgasm (by yourself or with a partner) you can claim this quest.

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