Crying Pass

Crying Pass cuts a path between the mountains that line the northeastern corridor of Sub Dominae Territory. The Pass is starkly beautiful, carved out of sheer rock, dotted with deep, wandering caves that twist their way beneath the peaks, but it’s not the natural beauty that draws travelers from the four corners of Kinktasia to visit the Pass. The residents of the Pass are a unique community, a village of Genasi who occupy the cave systems, offspring of mortals and elemental spirits from distant plains. Legend has it that the Genasi have unusual powers, which they are willing to share with visitors for an even more unusual price. Descended from air spirits, elemental power comes almost thoughtlessly to them, and it is said that they can grant many wishes, but in return they require mortal tears. Cruel and beautiful, they have many ways of drawing sobs from their willing victims. It is said that once a Genasi has collected their fee in a delicate crystal vial and granted the requisite wish, the traveler who accepted the deal is never quite the same.

Her eyes were dark and curiously empty, devoid of any sympathy or compassion. Her hair moved in a breeze that the BreadMaker could not see. Her skin and hair were tinted a delicate shade of blue. She was cruel and beautiful and he worshiped her before she even spoke to him. In fact, he spent the first hour in what passed for a tavern here just gazing at her while she ignored him. He watched with envy as she eviscerated one of her brethren in some pointless argument. As he continued to watch her, he became increasingly certain that only she could grant his wish. When she moved to leave the tavern, he did the only thing he knew how to do and threw himself at her perfect feet. He almost forgot the words, he was so flustered. “A boon Madam, I – I would ask a boon in return for my mortal sorrows.” She’d been sweeping peremptorily toward the door, but she paused, cool curiosity in her eyes. “You would weep for me?” She placed one tiny shoe, blissfully sharp at the heel into the tender flesh at his shoulder, pressing ever so lightly, only a tease. The Breadmaker lowered his head, unable to bear her beauty as she towered over him like this. “For a thousand years, Madam.” She rocked her foot back and forth, taking in his reaction as she shifted a touch more weight onto the shoe. “Perhaps you’ll do.” She held out her hand and a ball of air swirled and crackled above her skin, spinning into existence one of the fabled crystal bottles where the Genasi were said to keep their tears. She caught the bottle neatly, never taking her shoe off of the Breadmaker’s shoulder. Now she pressed harder, and he could already feel tears of pleasure, pain and release gathering in his eyes. “First, you’ll have to tell me your wish, mortal.” Holding perfectly still, to keep from displeasing her, the Breadmaker answered simply. “I wish only to please you, madam.” Her lips curving into a wicked smile, the Genasi lifted her foot from the Breadmaker’s shoulder and stepped lightly onto his bare back with both feet. “Yes, you’ll do nicely, I think.” The other Genasi in the tavern watched in indifferent curiosity as the first tears began to flow.

Crying Pass Quests

Interest in Crying Pass

The Genasi residents of Crying Pass draw energy from the tears of mortals, their own emotions hidden much further beneath the surface. For all their power, the only gift that can move them to grant the wishes that come so easily to them is the simple act of crying. Whatever the method of drawing forth those precious tears, if you are interested in playing with crying, you can claim this quest.

Driven To Tears

Perhaps the simplest path to the tears that the Genasi seek is in uncomplicated physical release. The Genasi know that mortals can be brought to tears by relentless pleasure as easily as unabating pain, but often, they prefer some combination of the two. While the Genasi gain the tears that bear some mysterious connection to their power, their mortal counterparts often gain a sense of release that is just as powerful. If you bring your partner (or are brought) to tears by fits of pleasure or intense pain, you can claim this quest.

Catharsis Unlocked

The Genasi are known, from time to time, to engage in pure sensation play for the sake of variety, but most often the games they play are deep and complicated. To a Genasi, the most valuable tears are shed in the grip of emotional catharsis, (released with the assistance of appropriate sensations, of course.) If you play with some form of emotional catharsis (negotiated beforehand – the Genasi are great fans of the negotiation phase) you can claim this quest.

Cry Baby

Another favorite tool of the Genasi involves playing with humiliation. After all, what more appropriate method to relieve their simple mortal victims of their valuable tears than by reminding them of just how lowly they truly are, by comparison. If you play with humiliation to the point of tears, you can claim this quest.

In Front of Everyone!

While the Genasi do have private chambers, to which they might retire with their chosen mortals for deeper play, another favorite tactic is to drive them to tears in public settings, like our Breadmaker in the tavern. Not only do public tears heighten the experience for Genasi and mortal alike, but whatever charge the Genasi receive from witnessing the act can be shared with the entire community. If you play with tears in a public setting (a sex club or other locale filled with people who consent to witness your scene) you can claim this quest.

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Sub Dominae Territory Crying Pass

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