Collared Grove

Located in the central region of Sub Dominae Territory, devoted partners are known to seek the solace of Collared Grove, a clearing deep in the soothing woods where Sir and Madam, the joint rulers of the Grove, perform their sacred joining rites day and night. No matter the dynamic or the number of partners involved, if the people of Kinktasia want to honor their connection with a ring, they travel here. On the outskirts of the Grove, vendors set up their wagons, offering beautiful wares from simple, hand-woven flower circlets to intricate masterworks of metal and gemstones. Whether you visit Collared Grove for a joining of your own, or just to witness a solemn, touching ritual of connection, it’s a location not to be missed!

The Carpenter swung her legs idly as she sat on a stump at the edge of the clearing. Three of her traveling party were here for their own joining, but after viewing last night’s ceremony, the Carpenter found the Grove to be an altogether boring place. Was it nice to see people who had found their true dynamic, to watch them calmly and resolutely clipping collars into place on vulnerable throats, love and trust evident in their entire bearing? Sure. Very nice. Still, the Carpenter was on this vacation to see some action, and thus far, Collared Grove had been boring. Still, as they set up for tonight’s ritual, she watched with some interest. Sir and Madam were setting up some sort of structure, and there had been nothing like that the previous night – just a flower-covered arbor beneath which the sweet nothings had been exchanged. The Carpenter’s interest grew, as Sir and Madam greeted a woman who appeared to be the intended recipient of a collar and began tying rope around her body until she was neatly suspended from the structure they’d so carefully erected. Even more fascinating, when the woman’s partner showed up, she carried a beautiful jeweled collar in one hand and a roughly coiled, thorn-studded vine in the other. What was most interesting to the Carpenter was realizing, as the emotional Domme struck her prettily bound submissive with the vine in steady, precise strokes, that the ceremony was every bit as deep, solemn, and romantic as the previous night’s display.

Collared Grove Quests

Interest in Collared Grove

Collaring means many things to many different people. From a concept for play and experimentation to a deep and permanent bond and many levels in between, anything that involves a collar or other physical representation of a power dynamic is part of the world of collaring. If the wearing and meaning of collars is something that you are interested in, you can claim this quest.

Training Collar

One way to get used to the idea of collaring is with a training collar. A training collar presents an opportunity to play with the wearing of a physical collar as well as playing with the power dynamic that lies behind it until you both know what works and what doesn’t. A training collar can just be a toy that you play with sometimes, or it can look a little like a handfasting, where some short period of time is defined and the dynamic is explored for that period of time, with further decisions to be made upon the expiration. If you play with a training collar, you can claim this quest.

Sleeping Collar

A collar can represent a deep and abiding connection to another person, but it can also just be a physical reminder. Sometimes, the beautiful representation of that connection is also kind of sharp and pointy, and might not be ideal for wearing at night. There are lots of good reasons for a sleeping collar. Whether you play with a sleeping collar that is just for the sensation of sleeping in a collar, or you have a more meaningful collar that you just don’t wear at night, opting or a special night-time model instead, you can claim this quest.

Day Collar

A nice leather collar with a buckle closure and a sturdy, graspable ring can be deeply comforting to wear, but for those who don’t live in Kinktasia, day-to-day life can require more subtlety. A day collar can look like a completely normal necklace, or can have some hidden meaning like a ring or lock and key theme. If you have a somewhat disguised day collar that is appropriate for wearing while you manage those mundane parts of your life, you can claim this quest.

Private Collaring Ceremony

As the Carpenter learned, a Collaring ceremony can look as unique as your dynamic, from sweet and cuddly to rough and intense and anywhere in between. While many residents of Kinktasia travel to Collared Grove in order to celebrate their bonds, there are those who prefer to keep that momentous occasion private. If you honor your collaring with just the two (or more) of you, with whatever activities or words are most appropriate to you, you can claim this quest.

Public Collaring

Sir and Madam of Collared Grove know that there is a certain thrill to acknowledging the gravity of a collaring relationship among your community. There’s a level of intention and celebration that a celebration with friends can bring to a collaring. If you recognize your collaring in a public ceremony, you can claim this quest! (And tell us all about it in the Tavern, so we can be part of your special day too!)

Visit the Tavern:

Sub Dominae Territory Collared Grove

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