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On the southern edge of Sub Dominae Territory, the adventurous traveler can find the deep mystery of Bratting Marsh. This region is ruled by the judicious hand of the Tamer and his beloved rebellious cat-girl, Kitten. There is much controversy in the land of Sub Dominae about Tamer and his Kitten, but the marsh is isolated, and they live there with their people in relative peace and contentedness (interrupted only by the ringing sounds of Kitten’s regular funishments.)

The Tamer reclined in the seat of power, an amused smile playing across his lips. Kitten had been left to her own devices all day while the Tamer had tended the government of the Marsh, and everyone knew that an outburst was forthcoming. Kitten’s tail swished to and fro as she slunk about the room, looking for a way to gain her master’s attention. Finally, the Tamer took pity on her, giving her the opening she’d been seeking. “Kitten, didn’t I ask you to tidy your toys?” His voice was stern, but still colored by his indulgent smile. Both of their eyes went to the lavender cushion in the corner where Kitten idled bored hours while the Tamer was busy. Yarn balls, stuffies and a bright rainbow feather boa were scattered around the floor. Kitten’s tail swished again, her ears perking up at the sound of her master’s voice. She moved towards the corner, batting half-heartedly at a yarn ball. “But I’m still playing with those.” She dropped gracefully onto her cushion, sweeping up the yarn ball into her grasp, her eyes darting quick glances at the seat of power. The Tamer sighed and looked back down at his work regretfully. Playing with his Kitten was far more fun than paperwork, but there was work to be done. However, as his eyes returned to the page, Kitten batted the yarn ball across the floor with laser precision, sending it to tap the Tamer’s boot. Sighing deeply, the Tamer dropped his paperwork for good, amidst the knowing smiles of the clerks gathered around the solar. “Kitten, come here and let’s remind you of the rules, shall we?” Kitten yawned and stood up again, sauntering toward the seat of power to accept her consequences with a satisfied smile on her face.

Bratting Marsh Quests

Interest in Bratting Marsh

Bratting can be a little controversial in the world of dominants and submissives. After all, when a submissive misbehaves in order to wrest control of a situation or to undercut a dominant’s authority, real damage can be done to the relationship. However, Kitten and her Tamer know that there is another dynamic altogether to their brand of bratting, and the Tamer wouldn’t have his troublesome cat-girl behave any other way. If playing with this kind of dominance and submission is intriguing to you, you can claim this quest.

Hello, Fluffykins

One well-used method of practicing a harmless brand of bratting (always depending on the specific preferences of the dominant in question) involves the submissive calling the dominant by an affectionate and harmless pet name. Kitten likes to refer to her Tamer as Fluffykins, an act certain to gain his attention, and a surefire message that she is craving a certain brand of funishment. They don’t think of these silly transgressions as punishments, as the Tamer allows this as a method of communication. Kitten knows where the line is, and she is sure never to cross it (not by much, anyway.) If you play with this kind of bratting, you can claim this quest.

Angry Kittyface

Another favorite trick of Kitten’s involves drawing a naughty picture, usually of an angry kittyface, and putting it in her Tamer’s work papers. All of the staff know all about their dynamic, and pictures like this aren’t embarrassing to the Tamer. If he were hosting important guests, Kitten would be sure to be on her best behavior (as long as anyone was looking, anyway.) If you play with this kind of bratting, you can claim this quest.

Very Funny, Kitten

Part of why this dynamic works so well between the Tamer and his Kitten is that Kitten has a troublesome spirit, and the Tamer loves that part of her, along with the rest. When Kitten plays some silly prank to get her master’s attention, he loves the joy on her face at pulling it off almost as much as he loves dispensing the over-the-lap spanking that she has earned. If you play with this kind of bratting, you can claim this quest.

Nose in the Corner

The Tamer loves playing with his Kitten, even when it means putting down his work to do it. However, if he played with Kitten every time she wanted him to, Bratting Marsh would be underwater. One way that he discourages Kitten from her sassy behavior when he honestly needs to get work done is to give her some time-out. Nothing frustrates a bratty sub to foot stomping levels of pouting quicker than being left ignored in the corner. If you play with this kind of response to bratty behavior, you can claim this quest.

I Will Not Interrupt Master

Another certain response to Kitten’s troublesome ways involves the writing of sentences over and over, a funishment that makes Kitten pout almost as much as a time-out. She is a cat-girl, but to her eternal dismay, she has fingers that can hold a pencil, and has a collection of shiny notebooks where her sentences are kept. Compromises are sometimes made, however, and writing out complex sentences or worse yet, essays while being spanked thoroughly by her master have made for some of her favorite funishment sessions of all time. If you play with writing (with or without physical components) as a consequence for bratting, you can claim this quest.

So Good It Hurts

When the Tamer really has the time to put down his work and spend some quality time with his Kitten, one of his favorite ways to respond to her troublesome behavior is by playing with orgasms. She never knows, on any given occasion, whether he will scruff her and use her favorite wand to make her come until it hurts, or if he’ll bring her right to the edge and make her stop, but either way it means fun times for both of them. If you play with consequences like this for bratty behavior, you can claim this quest.

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