Chastity Spire

On a tiny island off the eastern coast of Sub Dominae Territory waits a towering keep where the Vestals keep watch over the Sacred Flame of Kinktasia. Sworn to vows of chastity, the Vestals keep a sanctuary for other citizens of the Kingdom who desire to follow their own chastity protocols. For as long as the Sacred Flame should burn in the Keep, the residents of Chastity Spire walk complex pathways through the courtyard labyrinths and compose sonnets in the high-ceilinged solars, occupying their minds in chaste pursuits. However, from time to time, at the option of the Vestals, the flame is allowed to sputter out, effectively unlocking the chastity of all residents. Travelers flock to the Spire year round, hoping to catch a glimpse of the merry chaos that ensues when the Vestals ‘forget’ to tend their Flame.

The Flame burned low in the hearth, but the Acolyte barely paid attention. The Vestals, tending their mysterious duties, often allowed it to burn low, only descending to the ground floor to stoke the flame back to strength at the last moment. The Acolyte continued his tracing of the labyrinth, following the soothing paths, feeling the purifying energy of his chastity as it surged through his body. At moments like this, chastity became – if not easy, then at least simple. He continued walking the path, waiting to hear the soft footsteps of one of the Vestals as she arrived to tend the Flame. Surely it wouldn’t be tonight that they let the Flame go out, surely one or more of them would arrive, clad in heavy robes of white to add fuel to the hearth. He tried as hard as he could to avoid thoughts of the wild orgy that the Spire had quickly become the last time the fire had gone dark, Acolytes coupling in primal bliss in every corridor. Whispers said that the Vestals could sense any excitement of the body, that they could shift from their cold indifference to wrathful punishments at any provocation. The Acolyte knew of the devices that were kept in the Vault that could be used to discourage his body from its unclean urges. He shivered, but his body became even more uncooperative at the thought. Quietly walking the labyrinth, he waited to discover what the Vestals had in store for the eventide, drawing breath in slow, measured draughts to maintain stillness of body and mind.

Chastity Spire Quests

Interest in Chastity Spire

Chastity, like any kink, manifests in many ways, from the cool indifference of the Vestals to a more hands-on approach. It can be gloriously complex, including a colorful array of hardware, physical keys, or virtual ‘key apps,’ or as simple as the command to remain chaste until further notice. However you want to play with chastity, if it sounds interesting to you, you can claim this quest.

Mixed Messages

A favorite cruelty for the Vestals is to demand that their Acolytes remain chaste with one device, while increasing the challenge rating with another. They do this by fitting chastity devices with plugs intended to fill the anus or vagina, creating constant stimulation, which they command their Acolytes to ignore. If you play with a device like this for a play session, you can claim this quest.

Chastity Cage

Another well known chastity device is the cage, which is generally intended for Acolytes with penises. The Vestals use cages for Acolytes who insist on continual unclean thoughts, leading to forbidden erections. If you spend a play session with a chastity cage to better understand fit, security, etc., you can claim this quest.

Practice Run

While the Vestals are known for their cruelty, it’s important to them that they only inflict the intended indignities, while doing no unintended harm to their hapless Acolytes. If you fit your Acolyte with a new device, keep them in chastity for 24 hours to claim this quest (or spend 24 hours in chastity yourself.)

One Week

The Vestals delight in taking Acolytes to the point where they are really ready to serve in chastity for long periods of time. Whether you get here very quickly, or take a long, deliberate time getting your Acolyte to this point, it’s time to get (a little more) serious about chastity. If you observe chastity (as Vestal or Acolyte) for at least a week, you can claim this quest.

Visit the Tavern:

Sub Dominae Territory Chastity Spire

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