Caged Hold

Located on an isolated island off the western coast of Sub Dominae Territory, Caged Hold has the fascinating distinction of being the only Keep in all of Kinktasia to be composed entirely of dungeon space. Here, the city’s ruler, The Trainer, keeps all of his people safely ensconced in a wide array of cages. From traditional dungeon space, through tall narrow cages, round hanging birdcages, and low, sturdy kennel cages, The Trainer keeps submissives, puppies, kittens and a variety of others on display in their spotless chambers. It’s a full time effort, keeping all of the occupants fed, watered, clean and exercised, but with a full staff of assistants (many of them just taking a cycle of rest from their caged existence) they manage to keep everything locked up tight!

The Trainer yawned, coming into the Puppy room for one last round of play before bedtime. It had been a long day, and they were looking forward to bedtime. Most of the puppies were worn out from their play, earlier in the day, and were settling in for the night, snug on their blankets behind the security of their bars. However, there was one puppy who had been more high strung than the others, and tonight was no exception. He frolicked back and forth in his cage, wearing his tail snugly in his asshole, his hands tucked firmly into his mitts like a good puppy. The Trainer leaned down to scratch his head, but quickly realized that there was no way this puppy was going to settle down without some help. They offered a treat through the bars, and the pup took it eagerly, slathering all over their fingers. Sitting down next to the cage, The Trainer murmured softly to the pup, scratching his head and stroking his side until he settled down, turning a couple of times and closing his eyes to sleep. The Trainer quietly lifted their hand from the cage and silently turned out the light, leaving the puppies to their peaceful dreams and heading off to bed to get some rest to be ready for a new day of minding all of their captive guests.

Caged Hold Quests

Interest in Caged Hold

The Trainer plays many roles for their many captives. For some, they are a cruel captor, keeping them locked up as penalty for some imagined wrongdoing. For others, they are a caretaker, holding the keys to the cage in order to provide the security and predictability that the bars bring. Whatever the purpose for the caged one in your life, if playing with cages holds a certain fascination for you, you can claim this quest.

A Cage of Your Own

There are many kinds of cages in Caged Hold. From roughly built home-made models to state-of-the-art steel systems, The Trainer can find the right holding pen for any traveler’s request. Whether you build your own cage, order one online, or get a hand-me-down from a fellow kinkster, if you have a cage, and play with it, you can claim this quest.

Around the Bars

The Trainer plays with the residents of their keep in many ways. Sex isn’t always part of the deal, but when it is, it’s a favorite activity to find ways to make a cage’s occupants come without letting them out of their predicament. If you play around with sex (by whatever definition you like) with a caged partner, you can claim this quest.

On Display

While there are some chambers of Caged Hold that are kept private (at their occupants’ request) most of the rooms are public. Visitors can wander the chambers at their leisure, looking inside the cages, and in some rooms, visitors are even invited to reach inside and touch. The caged run the gamut of performances, from rubbing shamelessly against the bars, looking for a stray touch to pacing fiercely to and fro, growling menacingly at passersby. If you play with a cage in a public place, whether you are in the cage or holding a partner there, you can claim this quest.

Strange Cagemates

Some of The Trainer’s charges occupy their own cages, or squeeze in with a friend or partner. Others, however, look for adventure by meeting new friends in tight quarters. The Trainer is always happy to comply with any request, and delights in caging two strangers in a small space, waiting to see what kind of sparks fly. If you play with caging with strangers (likely at a play party!) you can claim this quest.

Crate Training

While spending some time in a cage at a party or during play might be enough to scratch the itch for many, for others, the need for cage-time runs deeper. Being left in a cage for longer periods of time can require practice. When free-roaming visitors ask for long-term cage-time, The Trainer always starts with limited, regular cage-time, to make sure everyone is ready for the commitment. If you play with caging for one hour a day for a week, you can claim this quest.

Sweet Dreams

The occupants of Caged Hold sleep peacefully all night. Something about sleeping in the reassuring security of a cage can bring a sense of unparalleled rest. On some levels of the Keep, attendants wander the halls to open the cages to allow drinks or bathroom breaks. On other levels, occupants make do with chamber pots and whatever water they are left. If you play with a cage overnight, you can claim this quest.

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