Wear the Gift

Another popular folk legend that has arisen around the feastday celebrations at Irrumation Point surrounds the recipients in the Giving Chambers who don’t swallow, but instead allow the celebrant’s semen to cover their faces. This practice is known as ‘wearing the gift’ and is said to bring great benefits to the skin. It is said that recipients who ‘wear the gift’ will be seen as more beautiful or handsome to potential mates during the coming days. In fact, more than one ambitious, lovestruck youth has ventured out on a feastday for the sole purpose of ‘wearing the gift’ in an attempt to win the favor of a crush after the feastday has ended. If you play with ‘wearing the gift,’ you can claim this quest. (And let us know in the Tavern whether you were able to bewitch any unsuspecting partners with your resulting magic-assisted beauty!)

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