Total Power Exchange can be overwhelming, even when the definitions are kept simple – just ask the residents of Eternal Idol! Just like any other major lifestyle choice, it can be best to start simple, then increase the complexity of arrangements like this gradually until both parties feel like the dynamic is manageable and filling needs. While one or both (or all) parties might start out feeling like they want many complex rules, protocols, rituals and acts of service, it can be hard to manage as the onslaught of day to day life continues. To claim this quest, define at least one of each of the four tools of Eternal Idol (rules, protocols, rituals and acts of service) and live by all of them for one month. (Some people really like the sense of formality of a contract for this, but others do much better with just a really good negotiation talk and definitions that are simple enough for you both to remember. There are actually a lot of good office productivity tools that are good for this – Ana and Soren use OneNote!) After one month of this simple TPE exercise, you can claim this quest. (As always, don’t forget to revisit and make necessary changes after the month is up!)

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