Subspace / Subdrop Aftercare

Playing with D/s can be very intense, and whether the play is physical or emotional, it’s important to understand the concept of subspace, both during play and afterwards. Subspace is a specific headspace that occurs in s-types, generally when they are overwhelmed by sensations and when they are feeling very submissive. Subspace can be wonderful, but it’s important that newer tops be aware of that altered state of mind when it happens as submissives deep in subspace might be less likely to communicate a problem, or might become subvocal and be unable to communicate at all. The importance of understanding subspace continues to impact the situation after play is over, as spending time in subspace often leads to another phenomenon called subdrop. Subspace and the resulting negative feelings of subdrop are chemical reactions in the body to intense emotions or sensations, but they can cause feelings of loneliness, depression, or other really negative outcomes. To claim this quest, settle in together to talk specifically about subspace and subdrop. When have you experienced them before? (This refers to both the bottom’s personal experience, and the top’s experience having seen those phenomena in other partners.) What might they look like? How might you handle them? This is kink, you have likely done research before, spend some time now researching subspace and subdrop together. (If you could use some guidance having that conversation, check the Resources page in the forum for a worksheet that might be helpful.)

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