Another important component of TPE in Eternal Idol includes using protocols. Protocols (in this definition) include sets of behaviors that can change based on the environment. You might define a high protocol that is very formalized and utilized during scenes and involves specific positions or poses, names by which you refer to one another or other defined behaviors. You might have a relaxed protocol that is for Sunday afternoons together that involves the s-type putting their head in the D-type’s lap while you watch television together. You might have a set of definitions for low protocol that are observed during time spent with extended family, where the s-type always makes a plate for the D-type, or brings them coffee. Having several different sets of expectations for protocol, and thus appropriate behavior can make it much easier to live in the real world, which is one of the biggest challenges of a TPE lifestyle. To claim this quest, have a conversation about which levels of protocol you might expect to need in a given month, then define at least one D/s behavior / signal for each set of circumstances. Live by your protocols for one month, then claim this quest. (Don’t forget to revisit those protocols and alter them accordingly at the end of the month!)

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