Intentional Physical Aftercare

Just as we all react differently to emotional pressures during play, we also react to physical sensation differently. It’s easy to think that as long as a top ‘knows what they are doing,’ they will be able to predict your reactions and know what kind of aftercare you will need. While an experienced top should know to watch carefully to try to gauge your reactions, and while they might have some past experiences of aftercare that has worked for others in similar situations, you are unique and no one knows as well as you do how your body reacts to situations in play, and what kind of aftercare you might need after intense physical play. To claim this quest, have a serious conversation about reactions you expect you might have, what those reactions look like, and what kind of aftercare you might need. (If you could use some guidance having that conversation, check the Resources page in the forum for a worksheet that might be helpful.)

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