Domspace / Domdrop Aftercare

Despite the focus only on subspace and subdrop in the previous quest, don’t worry D-types, we didn’t forget about you! Domspace, sometimes known as the flow state is real, and so is Domdrop, though it can manifest differently in different people, sometimes feeling very similar to subspace, or like an inability to access your Dominant mindset for a certain period of time, or sometimes feeling like guilt or shame about the sexy, kinky things that your partner may have enjoyed very much. If you’ve been reading this entire quest line, you won’t be surprised to hear what you should do about it – do some research together and talk about it! What has Domspace and Domdrop looked like in the past for you or your partners? How should you deal with it if it happens again? To claim this quest, settle in with your partner and have a nice long conversation about Domdrop. (If you could use some guidance having that conversation, check the Resources page in the forum for a worksheet that might be helpful.)

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