Tattooed Tower

At the eastern edge of Sadis Maso Frontier, the art connoisseurs among our travelers will find the Tattooed Tower, a mountaintop keep that houses a community of artists and the human works of art that they help bring into existence. The use of color and sweeping lines on the human body is the medium of choice in the Tower, and the greatest artists of Kinktasia can be found here, practicing their art on the citizens who come here from all over the world to become a part of the impressive art project that this Tower has become known for. The Needle Queen holds sway here, and she reigns over her keep with no need for clothing of any kind – the sublime ink designs that writhe across her body are all the decoration she needs.

The Wagon-driver waited patiently in the temple of art, watching the various artists at their work. He had been here many times, and while he was excited to see the realization of his next piece of art, he was also tired and kept yawning as he watched the artists go about their business. Suddenly, while his eyes were closed, just for a moment, he felt the energy in the room shift. His eyes snapped open to see that the Needle Queen had entered the temple. He’d seen her before, but only at a distance and now he couldn’t take his eyes off her. Vibrant, gorgeous artwork emphasized her every curve, and covered more of her skin than she’d left bare. She swept briskly into the room and sat at one of the tables, taking the needle-pen from the artist who’d been sketching a vine along a young woman’s arm. The Needle Queen’s dark-smudged eyes burned with intensity as her eyes locked with the woman who would be her canvas. “May I?” The woman nodded, reverence in her wide eyes. The Needle Queen’s posture was relaxed as she settled into her element, biting her lip as she drew the shapes, somehow focused and relaxed all at once. When the girl being tattooed whimpered a little, the Queen’s eyes flickered up to her face at once, gauging her work. “We’re almost finished.” The girl shifted a little, but looked resolute to finish her artwork. The Needle Queen sketched a couple more flourishes across the intricate artwork she’d made, then sat back and watched the girl admire her work, pleasure in her eyes. The Wagon-driver watched, his cock throbbing, as the Needle Queen smiled a secret smile and stood up, striding out of the temple. He would never have dared to ask her to stay – after all, one did not make demands of a Queen. Still, on a whim, he got up and left too. He didn’t know how he would cause it to happen, but he resolved then and there that the next time needle brought art to his body, it would be at her hand.

Tattooed Tower Quests

Interest in Tattooed Tower

To claim this quest:

Tattooed Tower is a place of great beauty and creativity. From deeply meaningful symbols and writing, made into artwork on the canvases of bodies to intricate designs for no purpose beyond beauty and the sting of the needle, there are a wide array of needs being met and games being played in the Tower. If you are intrigued by the concept of getting one or more tattoos, if you have them and are fascinated by them, or if you are intrigued by partners with tattoos, you can claim this quest.

It’s All Temporary

To claim this quest:

Choosing a piece of art for a tattoo can be a deeply personal undertaking. One way that the denizens of the Tower like to play with ideas for tattoos before they actually commit to them is by airbrushing designs on top of the skin. Living with the design for a few days can help a newcomer get a feel for the art, and is also a fun way to wear art that they might not want to wear permanently. Whether you play with paints, sharpies or actual temporary tattoos, you can claim this quest. It’s tame, but can be a fun way to start getting your head around what it might really mean to you to get a tattoo.

That’s My Kink

To claim this quest:

From sentimental memories to favorite pop culture references, people get a lot of tattoos for a lot of reasons. The Needle Queen knows, however, that there is a special charge that comes of having a tattoo on your body that is representative of your kink. If you get / have a tattoo that is based on one or more of your kinks, you can claim this quest.

Ownership Tattoo

To claim this quest:

The Needle Queen is not just an unparalleled artist and canvas, she is also a Dominant (a fact that the Wagon-driver is about to learn the hard way!) Another way to tie the art on the outside of our bodies to the kink that’s inside is to get a tattoo that represents that bond. If you get / have a tattoo that represents your power dynamic, you can claim this quest.

Visit the Tavern:

Sadis Maso Frontier Tattooed Tower

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