Spark Rift

On the western edge of Sadis Maso Frontier, the seeker of shocking thrills can find the Spark Rift, home to the well-known Lightning Wizards. The Wizards work day and night to perfect their control of all forms of electrical energy, and to find new and intriguing ways to combine that energy with bodies. If your travels across the lands of Kinktasia are in search of visually stunning wonders, you won’t find a more impressive sight than a stormy night at the Rift, twisting arcs of electricity flashing across the courtyard as the Wizards practice their arts on willing acolytes. After all, the first stage of learning to manipulate electricity is to feel it for one’s self. Some journey to the Rift just to see the Wizards work their magic, or to dabble lightly in receiving some gentle demonstrations. There are always those, however, who make their way to the Rift in search of trading their dusty traveling clothes for a set of acolyte robes and a shot at learning their own mastery of the elements.

The Water-carrier had only come to the Rift as an interesting destination, just one on a tour of many of the wonders of Sadis Maso Frontier. However, as she watched the Wizards work their craft, she found herself more and more riveted. An aged master with a long grey beard reached a single hand into the air, calling down a thin thread of sparks from the sky, which he channeled into the demo participant, the Water-carrier’s traveling companion and best friend, the Well-keeper. The Well-keeper squealed in enthusiastic terror, which quickly devolved into peals of giggles as the sparks crawled along her legs and fizzled out on her bare toes. Across the courtyard, other Wizards wielded wands on acolytes, dragged various charged tools across their bodies. The Water-carrier was ready to try, but she waited patiently as her friend finished her turn. The Water-carrier shifted in her seat, the place between her legs growing warm and slick as she watched sparks dancing along her friend’s nipples beneath the Wizard’s skillful touch. Finally, her turn came and she took the Well-keeper’s place on the stone plinth where she was directed to lie. With a barely suppressed yawn, the Wizard began the demo anew, sprinkling a few sparks across the Water-carrier’s exposed body. She could barely feel it. “Can you give me more?” She had the Wizard’s attention now. “Indeed, I can, but we must make adjustments slowly. You aren’t an acolyte, just an observer, girl.” The flow of current increased a little, a gentle buzzing along her skin where the Wizard directed his fingertips. The Water-carrier felt a frustration growing at her core, and the desire for more of the lashing power that she knew rested just beneath the surface of the Wizard’s toying. Something inside her began to answer the flow of energy that ran from the Wizard’s fingertips, and without her will, began to pull, drawing a thicker stream of sparks from the sky. Her skin stung where the stream touched her, but her body drew deeply on the draught of power and she only vaguely heard the voices around her begin to rise in concern. The Wizard tried to pull back on the now-too-intense flow of energy leaving his hand, but could not break the stream. Meanwhile, the Water-carrier felt the snapping and burning of an immense power, now channeling straight down from the sky into her body, just a thin stream still flowing through the Wizard, though she took that too. Her body lifted upright, now dancing in the air, blue and purple streams of sparks obscuring her eyes as she channeled the power of the sky and gathering in her body until she roared in release, the energy dispersing from her body in a silent burst that rushed across the courtyard, touching everyone who now watched stunned as the Wizards found their most powerful acolyte in a generation.

Spark Rift Quests

Interest in Spark Rift

To claim this quest:

The Wizards of Spark Rift know that electricity is a fascinating draw to the residents of Sadis Maso. It’s dramatic, beautiful, and can satisfy a broad range of desires, from gentle tickling to a sturdy kick. Whether playing with gentle massage or some of the more challenging types of electrostim, if you are fascinated by playing with electricity, whether at the acolyte’s receiving end or the Wizard’s mastery of the element, you can claim this quest.

Violet Wand

To claim this quest:

The Violet Wand is a little easier to control than the wands of the Lightning Wizards, making it a good place to start playing with electricity. The classic attachment of the Violet Wand is a glass tip with gas inside that will light in bright colors when the electricity is turned on, making for a light show that is not quite as stunning as the courtyard in the Rift, but it’s close. If you play with a Violet Wand, you can claim this quest.

Body Contact

To claim this quest:

The Wizards of Spark Rift are able to pull lightning from the sky with nothing more than their hands. If you aren’t a Wizard, you’ll need a few more tools to accomplish this quest, but with a Violet Wand with a Body Contact attachment, you can achieve the same sensation, without the years of mage training. If you play with a Body Contact attachment, bringing electricity to a partner with your own hands, you can claim this quest.

Conductive Rope

To claim this quest:

Like any other aspect of kink, there are many ways to play with electricity. Denizens of the Bondage Empire enjoy incorporating conductive rope with electrical play, tying one another in fascinating ways, then stepping aside so that the Wizards can apply their particular brand of magic along the length of the rope. If you play with conductive rope, you can claim this quest.

Made for Play

To claim this quest:

If a Violet Wand isn’t quite enough power for you (and you don’t have the in-born magical talent that the Water-carrier has) you can turn up the power with a Made for Play E-stim unit. There are several different models on the market that serve different purposes. If the Wizard’s control is your desire, E-stim units often include computer control modules that can give you nuanced power over the results of your play. If you spend a session playing with a made for play E-stim unit, you can claim this quest. (Bonus points for playing with Stereostim – a specialty E-stim designed to respond to sound from a voice or music track)

Cattle Prod

To claim this quest:

The classic example of a high intensity form of electrical play, the cattle prod is not for the beginner, but can provide a nice kick for fans of the high end of electrostim play. The Wizards call them Thunderwands, and application of the Thunderwand is one of the last phases of an acolyte’s training. Sometimes, you can find an opportunity to play with a cattle prod at a play party, which is a good opportunity to try out this kind of toy before investing in one for your own collection. If you play with a cattle prod, you can claim this quest.

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Sadis Maso Frontier Spark Rift

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