Spanking Pass

The long corridor between the Wildlands and Sadis Mado Frontier is known as Spanking Pass. Those who aren’t fans of the primal sensation of impact doled out with bare hands tend to take a longer way around in traveling between the two regions. The Pass is home to a mysterious people, the roving Spanko tribe. The tribe holds that the Pass is their property and not permissible for any travelers to cross. They patrol the Pass day and night, looking for trespassers and dispensing their own brand of justice on those who they catch (and let it be known, they are fast!)

The Caravaner had spent many years among the Impact Sea, but still, in crossing the Pass, his heart beat faster at the silence around the traveling party. The Shoemaker coughed nervously. “Surely they should be here by now, if they’re coming.” The Caravaner nodded. “Maybe they won’t come.” The Caregiver from Glamour Keep shook her head sternly, “Don’t say that. Of course they will come.” They continued walking for some time before they heard the whooping of the approaching Spankos. The Caravaner was immediately at attention. This was the fun part. Without regard for any of the others, he began running as fast as he could, breath tearing through his chest in the sudden rhythm of exertion. The rumors had been true, the Spankos were fast. They went from a distant sound of clamor to a presence among the traveling party in no time, and the Caravaner felt the sturdy grasp on his leg and knew that he was well and truly caught. In a sudden, quick movement his pants were tugged from his lower half and he felt a warming flurry of strikes along his ass and upper thighs. The Spanko who held him in place spoke in angry tones the whole time about the ‘consequences of bad actions’ that had brought the Caravaner to this sorry state. He struggled, but to no avail, the Spanko’s grasp was thrillingly inescapable. The Spankos dispensed their punishments with a red-handed fury, then carried them, leaving their pants behind in the clearing where they’d been caught, to the border of the Wildlands. “Do not return to the Pass!” several of the Spankos admonished with only the slightest signs of grins marring their otherwise impressive anger. Confused and naked below their waists, the traveling party began to gather themselves from where they’d been dumped unceremoniously on the ground. They prepared to part ways, moving toward their separate destinations on this side of the Pass. The Caravaner rubbed one hand over his reddened ass, feeling the raised outlines of fingers across his heated skin. “Meet here on the way back across?” The other travelers agreed hastily and continued onward into the Wildlands.

Spanking Pass Quests

Interest in Spanking Pass

To claim this quest:

Spanking can certainly be enjoyed in the same manner as any of the other activities that are part of the Great Impact Sea. However, the Spankos know that there can be a deeper level of meaning behind impact play, and spanking can definitely carry more implications than just the simple sensation of impact. The Spankos might put signs everywhere threatening dire punishment for anyone entering the Pass, but they thrive on dispensing their hurried punishments as much as the travelers who choose this path despite all the warnings. If you are intrigued by the intimacy of impact play delivered by hand, you can claim this quest.


To claim this quest:

Impact play can leave many intriguing shapes behind on the body after the fun is over, but the marks left by spanking can be particularly intimate, leaving the actual imprint of a top’s hand on a bottom’s body. The Spankos make sure to always leave marks behind, reminding the trespassers about their punishment long after they continue on their way, and hopefully influencing them to return through the pass again next time. If you play with spanking and leave handprints behind, whether they last for a short while or into the coming days, you can claim this quest.

Sweet Release

To claim this quest:

Impact can provide an enormous amount of relief, and while some prefer the sting or thud of more intense implements, a hand can be a powerful tool for unlocking deeply held tension in the body and closely held emotions alike. The Spankos pride themselves on their ability to tell the difference between trespassers like the caravaner, who just want the experience of impact, and the caregiver who was looking for the emotional release that she would only gain from being spanked until she sobbed. If you play with spanking to the point of crying, (a favorite of denizens of Crying Pass) you can claim this quest.

Turned Over the Knee

To claim this quest:

There are many reasons to enjoy a good spanking by hand, and when part of the fun is the intimate nature of that activity, that aspect can be intensified even more by holding the bottom over the top’s lap. The Spanko who caught the shoemaker could sense his uncertainty, and found a convenient stump for a seat to dispense a proper ‘over the knee’ spanking. If you play with a spanking in this position, you can claim this quest.

Maintenance Spanking

To claim this quest:

While many of the trespassers of the Pass are actual travelers, treating the trip through the forbidden lands as a diversion on their way to a distant destination, there are others who make their homes near the Pass, venturing in for their consequences on a regular basis. For some bottoms, a daily spanking can provide a sense of routine and release that keeps them grounded and comfortable. Set a schedule for maintenance spankings at the same time every day for a week or more. Once you complete your schedule until the agreed-upon end point, you can claim this quest.

Don’t Move a Muscle

To claim this quest:

If you prefer your spanking with a dose of D/s, another game that the Spankos like to play with their regular trespassers involves the command to keep still during the spanking. Shifting, squirming and clenching the muscles can all ease the intensity of a spanking, and make for an entertaining session for the top on the right occasion, but sometimes the situation calls for a higher level of challenge. If you play with a spanking session where the bottom must hold still for some defined period of time or number of strokes, you can claim this quest.

In the Dark

To claim this quest:

The Pass is not a complicated pathway – in fact, it’s pretty much a straight shot from Sadis Maso Frontier to the Wildlands. That doesn’t stop the Spankos from insisting on blindfolding their trespassers during the trip to the opposing border, and sometimes during the spanking itself. The contrast of the sensory deprivation of sight against the sensory intensity of the spanking can make for an interesting play session. If you play with blindfolded spanking, you can claim this quest.

Full Body Spanking

To claim this quest:

During a routine, quick punishment run, the Spankos focus on the legs and butt of the trespasser. However, when they catch a new routine trespasser, they often celebrate the new arrangement with a full body spanking, warming the entire body of the newfound participant (and the hand of the top in the process.) If you play with a full body spanking, you can claim this quest.

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Sadis Maso Frontier Spanking Pass

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