Pierced Peak

Way up at the top of the central mountains of Sadis Maso, the enterprising traveler will find the community of Pierced Peak. Fans of shiny accoutrements will be right at home in this mountain village, as the denizens here are taken with decorating their bodies with jewelry of all kinds. People travel from far and wide to have their bodies pierced by the experts who live and train in the village of Pierced Peak, and there is no better place to go for play piercing events in all of Kinktasia. The Jeweller is the official ruler of the village, though you are as likely to find them receiving piercings from the trained villagers as you are to find them performing the delicate and complex piercings that reflect their superior skill at the art.

Having made the arduous journey from Bounty’s Fount, spreading milk and honey everywhere she visited, the Milkmaid had finally made her way to visit her friend, the Jeweller, with a special request. “Can you pierce them in a way that doesn’t interfere with my milk? I would hate to disappoint my people!” She opened her robes, letting the weight of her heavy breasts free them. The Jeweller examined them carefully, lifting one, then the other to inspect the dark pink of areola. They applied gentle pressure, drawing a good-humored squeak from the milkmaid and a generous spurt of milk to pool on the table. The Jeweller lowered their head, clasping the nipple between their lips and drawing deeply of the sweet milk that was the Milkmaid’s trademark. Distracted, she giggled and asked, her breath quickened, “Do we need to test this to find out whether the piercings will work?” The Jeweller lifted their head, smiling mischievously. “Not at all, but I couldn’t resist.” The Milkmaid laughed, “Well then, can it be done?” The Jeweller smiled, lifting a long needle from the pristine table at hand. “You have come to the right place, my dear.” The Milkmaid chose a pair of delicate rings and prepared to breathe out as the needle passed through. The Jeweller’s hands were steady and warm as, in a moment’s work, the Milkmaid’s right breast, then the left were transformed into works of art. The Jeweller tested the flow of milk from one, then the other, streams of bounty flowing around the rings, even in their current traumatized state. “Come and rest, and I’ll see if I can’t distract you from your discomfort, my friend.” Blushing a little, the Milkmaid smiled and followed the Jeweller into the bed chambers.

Pierced Peak Quests

Interest in Pierced Peak

To claim this quest:

There are many ways to modify the body, but for fans of jewelry and bling, piercing is a favorite. Walking the streets of Pierced Peak, the curious traveler might see the shine of metal of all colors winking from faces, breasts, and all manner of unexpected body parts. If piercings intrigue you (whether you’re interested in receiving a piercing or whether you enjoy them on a partner) you can claim this quest.

Pretty Face

To claim this quest:

The denizens of Pierced Peak know that our faces are important to our identities. When we see the world, they see our face first, so whether we’re looking to enhance the beauty of that most visible part of our physical selves, or we’re looking to make a statement that gets through loud and clear, facial piercings is one way to achieve those goals. If you have piercings in your face (ears, lip, tongue, eyebrow, nose, etc) you can claim this quest.

Pierced Nipples

To claim this quest:

The Milkmaid wasn’t alone in her desire to have her pretty nipples bedecked with shiny jewelry. Nipple piercings are a popular piercing on the Peak, and a favorite of the Jeweller, who considers themselves to be a certified nipple fan. If you pierce your nipples, or play with a partner with pierced nipples, you can claim this quest.

Genital Jewelry

To claim this quest:

The Jeweller likes to take part themselves in all of the genital piercings that take place on Pierced Peak. They are known to say that those piercings involve careful manipulation of the body in order to protect precious nerve endings and functions, and those things are true, but the truth is that the Jeweller lives for the intensity and aesthetics of piercing cocks, balls and vulvas. There are a broad array of possible piercing locations and jewelry types, but if you pierce your genitals or play with a partner who does, you can claim this quest.

Body Piercings

To claim this quest:

If you ask the Jeweller about all of the various piercings that exist, they will tell you that there are a wide array of techniques, but that most of them involve a few specific parts of the body. However, there are always outliers, and some of the Jeweller’s favorite piercings are the unusual requests that present special challenges or new works of art. If you have a body piercing that doesn’t fit into any of the other categories, or play with someone who does, you can claim this quest.

Visit the Tavern:

Sadis Maso Frontier Pierced Peak

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