Pearled Keep

Nestled in the mountain range in the center of Sadis Maso is Pearled Keep, a tower where the mysterious, reclusive Orcs of Kinktasia keep their own counsel. The Orcs are a proud people who believe that control of their own fate is reflected by their control over their own bodies. As meaningful events take place in their lives, they work to show the evidence of how they are made essentially different by those experiences through physical manifestation. Not all travelers are brave enough to venture into Pearled Keep to visit the Orcs who live there, but those who have walked the long staircase up to the keep and returned report that the Orcs throw one hell of a party.

The Rock-grinder waited in the valley for the guards that Pearled Keep was sending out. Something was disturbing the herds in the valley between Pierced Peak and Pearled Keep, and according to treaty, both cities were honor-bound to send representatives to handle the disturbance. The humans of Pierced Peak and the Orcs of Pearled Keep held an uneasy alliance, and the Rock-grinder felt his shoulders tense as the two Orcs approached. One of them was a Guard with horns on his head that were not there at his birth, and the other was a strikingly handsome she-Orc with the cultured look of a Merchant with delicate pearls running in a row along her forehead, like a curious, built-in crown. The Rock-grinder shook hands with the Orcs tersely, then the three spread out to travel deeper into the valley. They had spoken little as they’d made their way down into the valley, only making sound to express surprise as the dragon slunk out into the clearing, tendrils of smoke curling wickedly from its snout. The Orcs closed ranks silently, the Merchant’s grasp of her weapon as certain as the Guard’s, neither of them even acknowledging the Rock-grinder’s presence as they prepared to do battle. The dragon was wily, its thick scales creating an armor that turned away all but the most precise strikes of their weapons, but the Rock-grinder fought as hard as the Orcs. At first, the Orcs fought as two, ignoring the smaller human form of the Rock-Grinder, but as the battle wore on, they found themselves depending on his quick response and his wiry resiliance. As several smaller reptilian creatures swung down from the sky to harry their backs, he found himself fighting back to back with the Merchant, his blood rushing with the heat of battle as he felt the clean battle-sweat of her solid body pressing against his. When the last monster fell, the three defenders stood in silence for a moment, breath fast in their chests, sweat tracing runnels down their bodies. The Merchant lifted the Rock-grinder off the ground in a sudden rush, crying out in defiance before bringing his face to hers in something that was more bite than it was kiss. He pulled his head back for a moment, assessing the confused cluster of sensations flowing through his body, then returning the impassioned embrace. In a frenzied pile of limbs, hastily-shed armor, and teeth, the three of them fought their way to glorious release, right in the midst of the battlefield where they had defended their cities and one another. That night, the Rock-grinder was welcomed into the Pearled Keep, where his people had always hesitated to go. In a ceremony overseen by the Merchant and the Guard, the Orcs placed the first gauge in the Rock-grinder’s tiny, human ear that he might always remember the day he fought among the Orcs and earned his place as one of their tribe.”

Note: For most of Kinktasia’s quests, the goal is to actually do the activity in question, but because body modifications are such major considerations, you can claim this quest just for serious contemplation, in hopes that through claiming the quest, you can find some kindred spirits here in the community to discuss your plans. Of course if you already have body modifications, claim quests for those too!

Pearled Keep Quests

Interest in Pearled Keep

To claim this quest:

Body modification is a big topic, and people modify their bodies for many reasons in many ways. For the Orcs of Pearled Keep, body modification is a recognition of the way that our internal experiences shape who we are, and an attempt to reflect those changes in our physical appearance. If you are looking to wear your experiences or identity as a badge of honor, in some way that isn’t quite captured by tattoos or piercings, you can claim this quest.

Marks of Play

To claim this quest:

The Orcs may seem intimidating when they’re all decked out in their battle armor, but they have a distinctly playful side, once they let their guard down. One of the reasons they modify their bodies is simply to increase their enjoyment of sex, from stretching various orifaces, modifications intended to attract partners and other pleasure-enhancing alterations. If you are interested in modifying your body in some way, or if you are interested in a partner who has certain modifications like this, you can claim this quest.

Marks of Gender

To claim this quest:

People all across Kinktasia sometimes choose to alter their bodies to better reflect their gender. Please watch for an upcoming city to better reflect the subject matter of body dysmorphia and resulting modification decisions, which feels to me (Ana) like a different conversation that deserves its own home in the World Map. That being said, there is also room in the Orcs’ rougher space for certain modifications that reflect gender in a more intense way. I wanted to leave space in both cities. If your body modification in the name of gender feels like it’s more at home here, with the Orcs, by all means, claim this quest. If, however, your body modification goals feel better suited for Bohemia (where we’re putting social sex topics) watch for an upcoming city that is meant for you!

Marks of Honor

To claim this quest:

One of the Orcs’ favorite ways to reflect their battles, victories and even the losses that taught them their most valuable lessons involves modifications that keep them in mind of those life changing events. If you are interested in body modification that is intended to wear your battles on your physical self, or in a partner who has those kinds of modifications, you can claim this quest.

Marks of Ownership

To claim this quest:

Another reason the Orcs modify their bodies involves reflection of the meaningful connections that exist between them. It takes a great deal for one of the Orcish people to choose to submit to another (and usually some small amount of bloodshed) but once they do, those bonds run deep. It is common for ceremonial modifications to chronicle those connections, whether they are permanent bonds or fleeting arrangements, as the Orcs believe that a person cannot fully submit to another without significantly changing the core of their being. If you are interested in modifications like brandings or other alterations that represent a power dynamic that exists in your life, you can claim this quest.

Marks of Pain

To claim this quest:

After all, the Orcs are denizens of Sadis Maso Frontier, and like many of the Frontier’s residents, they believe in the cleansing, ritualistic power of pain. From alterations that are painful only upon their making to alterations that give greater access to the pain they desire on an ongoing basis, these modifications are common among the Orcish people. If you are interested in body modifications for the purpose of experiencing or inflicting pain, you can claim this quest.

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Sadis Maso Frontier Pearled Keep

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