Molten Flat

Near to the lava flows that run along the eastern ridge of Sadis Maso Frontier, the enduring traveler can find the Molten Flat, a region of heat and light. In the center of the Flat lies the temple of Hephaestus, where the Acolytes of Flame and Forging practice their ancient rites. Travelers who can withstand the punishing journey across the flats can participate in the temple’s trials of strength, a series of tests of will that the Acolytes believe will forge the soul into a new, stronger shape. Just as the lava flows from the mountain, hardening into new stone shores and cliffs, the Acolytes pour molten wax over the bodies of those who participate in the rites, testing the will, changing the surface and perhaps enjoying a little playful fun along the way.

The woodcutter had traveled far from his home in Bacchus’ Haven to come to the temple at Molten Flat. The priests had greeted him warmly on his arrival, speaking politely as they brought him to the ritual chamber, where they removed his clothing and led him into a bath warmed by the lava flow along with several other participants. There, they washed his body before drying him off and smoothing warm, scented oil over his skin, their hands as strong and assertive over his shoulders and arms as they were over the now-throbbing erection that they said nothing about. The woodcutter thought he saw a smile playing about the lips of the priest who handled him roughly, rubbing the oil into cock and balls. Next, he was laid upon a plinth of stone, and the same priest began the first phase of the ritual. He began smearing small droplets of wax onto the woodcutter’s body, then tugging it free, removing any hair along with it. The woodcutter drew sharp breath at the jolts of pain, followed up by a persistent stinging. The sensations of pain were almost cleansing, and though he found it difficult to remain still at the beginning, when it was all done, he wished it could continue. The priest, still slyly smiling, rubbed the woodcutter’s body with another round of soothing oil, lingering on his still hard cock almost nonchalantly at first. When the woodcutter leaned back against the unyielding stone, groaning in pleasure, the priest began to stroke in earnest. At the last moment, before the woodcutter found release, the priest pressed his hand against the still-stinging skin that until today had always been a thicket of hair, but now was smooth as a bird’s egg. At the twisting pressure of that expert hand, along with the flawless rhythm with which the other hand applied the oil, the woodcutter finally lost control, spending his seed high into the air. The priest smiled softly, self-satisfied now. “You should rest. Tomorrow we begin the second phase, and it will be more taxing than the first.” Drifting on a pleasant cloud of endorphins, the woodcutter slept peacefully, despite the cold stone beneath him.

Molten Flat Quests

Interest in Molten Flat

To claim this quest:

Playing with wax can fill a broad range of desires, from a soothing massage to an intense source of molten pain. The Priests of Molten Flat find their contemplative joy in applying wax to the participants who come to their temple in several phases, each one providing a different sensation. If playing with wax sounds like fun to you, you can claim this quest. (Make sure to read up on safety for wax play – while it’s definitely one of the tamer ways to play with fire, it is still playing with fire and brings a certain amount of risk!)

Smooth as a Bird’s Egg

To claim this quest:

An important part of wax play is in the preparation. After all, the mess that can be so fun during play can become significantly less fun, once playtime is over, if no precautions are taken. While the Priests of Molten Flat have a stone plinth to pour wax over, the rest of us need to protect bedding, long hair and other surfaces from the aftermath of our wax play. Some wax enthusiasts recommend shaving body hair before wax play, since hardened wax has a tendency to take hair away with it. That’s one solution, but the Priests, loving wax as they do, prefer to remove the body hair *with* the wax. If you spend a session removing body hair from your partner with wax, you can claim this quest.

Light a Candle

To claim this quest:

The second phase of the rites of the Molten Flat involve candles. Special low temp candles are lit by the Priests, and held high above the participants bodies, letting the wax run along their skin, testing their strength and will, and forging them into new, more focused versions of themselves. If you play with pouring candle wax over your partner’s body, turning them into an impromptu art project, you can claim this quest.

Ice and Fire

To claim this quest:

The third phase of the ritual of Molten Flat involves several blocks of ice, brought down to the Flat from the highest mountain tops and kept in enchanted lockers for just this purpose. The Priests apply the ice in alternating fashion with the wax, and even sometimes simultaneously on different parts of the body. The contrast between the heat of the wax and the cold of the ice can ramp up the intensity of the wax to a whole new level. If you play with ice and wax, you can claim this quest.

Work of Art

To claim this quest:

The fourth and final phase of the ritual of Molten Flat involves the creation of intricate and multicolored works of art on the participants’ bodies. The true challenge of this phase is that while the participants can writhe and move in pleasure or pain during the previous phases, this phase requires that the participants remain completely still, in order to keep from disturbing the complex patterns spilled onto their bodies by the talented Priests. If you create a work of intentional art on your partner’s body (or your own!) you can claim this quest. (Note: If you want to incorporate colors into your artwork, make sure you use candles that are intended to be used on bodies, as some wax blends in candles aren’t safe for use in this way!)

Visit the Tavern:

Sadis Maso Frontier Molten Flat

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