Great Impact Sea

The Great Impact Sea is a vast desert located throughout the center of the Sadis Maso Frontier. Life in the Impact Sea is harsh and intense, but the people who call it home wouldn’t want it any other way. By day, they travel back and forth across the desert, ferrying goods and travelers between the coasts of the Frontier, but at night, they indulge in the practice that earned the Impact Sea its name. The uninformed traveler might be surprised to hear the chorus of vibrant sounds that rise from the tents at night, but the curious-minded might beg entry into the Lasher’s tent and witness sights of wonders that can only be seen in the Caravans of the Great Impact Sea. During the long, hot days in the desert, the caravaners’ muscles grow pained and weary. The long evenings of impact are just the thing to loosen them up and have them ready for another long day of work in the morning! Some of them ask for soothing bouts of impact that release their tension, others are looking for the spice of pain to season their pleasure. Either way, the Lasher ensures that they get what they came for.

This time yesterday, the dressmaker was a traveler, riding along on the caravan alongside her wares. Then she’d peeked into the Lasher’s tent and seen the fascinating sights of the evening ritual. This morning, she’d joined the caravaners and every muscle in her body ached after the day’s labor. The Lasher had told her to expect a special ritual for tonight, and she wasn’t sure if she was too excited to breathe, too terrified to show up, or too exhausted to even think about it. Reticent, she crept into the Lasher’s tent to find out what would happen next. Wordless, his eyes met hers and he took her hand, guiding her to one of the simple benches that the caravaners assembled every night in this tent. Others were already at their tasks for the night, and the low thumps and sharp cracks of impact were already rising, punctuated with occasional moans and whimpers. The dressmaker lay naked on the bench, shivering in breathless suspense as the Lasher perused his chest of implements. When she finally felt a touch, it was not what she expected. The flogger dragged gently across her back and over her buttocks, swishing across her skin in patterns that grew increasingly weighted. Only moments had passed when the dressmaker realized that she was not shivering anymore. In fact, the muscles in her back that had been so pained and tired were easing up, and her exhaustion drained away as her blood warmed. Her brain humming, she began to get lost in the relentless rhythm of the swing of the flogger, and as she sighed and curled her toes, the Lasher struck ever harder. By the time the whisper of pain began to curl its touch beneath the strokes of the flogger, the dressmaker was writhing in pleasure, her untouched sex swollen and dripping. Some need in her cried out for the pleasure and the pain, and she begged the Lasher for, “More, more, please more!” His carriage stern, the Lasher swung once, twice and three times with glorious intensity, leaving a glowing warmth across her ass, then let the flogger hang still. The sounds of impact were still ramping up across the tent, and the dressmaker keened unwittingly, squirming in her desire for the flogging to continue. The Lasher’s touch was gentle but implacable as he guided her up from the bench and to the sleeping skins. He stroked her skin in long, steady shapes, cooling cream on his fingertips, then drew his hands against her sex until she found sudden, surprising relief. As she drifted off to sleep, his voice was stern, but reassuring. “There are many nights to come, little one. You must be patient.”

Great Impact Sea Quests

Interest in Great Impact Sea

To claim this quest:

If you look among the caravaners of the Great Impact Sea, you’ll find that there are many different reasons to seek out impact. From the travelers from Sub Dominae, who seek punishment or the sense of a power dynamic, to the travelers from the Wildlands who crave the struggle, to the natives from Sadis Maso who like the pure sensation of impact, or the pain that can come with it, impact sates many desires. If impact is intriguing to you, whether receiving or giving it, you can claim this quest.

Flogging Molly

To claim this quest:

When the dressmaker told the Lasher that she wanted to delve into the world of impact, he knew that a good place to start was a nice, soft flogger. Floggers can be a great way to provide a sense of good, solid strikes without overwhelming an uninitiated bottom. If you spend a play session getting to know a flogger, (or getting reacquainted if you were already old friends) you can claim this quest. (Bonus points if you actually listen to Irish punk music while you do!)

Off to the Races

To claim this quest:

Another great implement for getting to know your impact limits is a riding crop. Somewhat sharper than the flogger, but still easy to control and rein in, a riding crop is another favorite of the Lasher’s tools for new bottoms, and is likely in the dressmaker’s near future. If you spend a play session with a riding crop, you can claim this quest.

Paddle On

To claim this quest:

A good classic entry in the world of impact tools is a simple, old fashioned paddle. Paddles come in a myriad of shapes and sizes, from slender leather models to solid wooden behemoths, to decorative models that leave impressions of shapes or words in their wake. While the Lasher has a wide range of impact tools in his chest for any circumstance requiring subtlety, most of the other caravaners wield paddles, slappers or even tawses on an average evening. If you spend a session playing with any kind of paddle, you can claim this quest.

Bring the Cane

To claim this quest:

Canes often get a ‘bad boy’ reputation in the world of impact toys, because they have the capacity to be quite intense. However, the Lasher knows that canes also have the capacity for great subtlety in the right hands, and can strike with precision and nuance when called for. Canes can also be somewhat quieter than some of the other tools, though if you’re looking for a quiet evening in, impact might be best saved for another night! Whether you’re looking for the classic rattan cane experience, or something a little more modern, like a delrin model, or even a brightly colored acrylic rod, if you spend a play session with some sort of cane, you can claim this quest.

Whip It

To claim this quest:

The Lasher spent a great deal of time perfecting his mastery with the whip. Whips are a classic part of the imagery of BDSM, and for good reason. Wielded with proper skill, a whip is capable of a level of precision and high intensity that is hard to replicate with any other tool. However, whips require caution and practice before using with any force on an actual person. With a top who has practiced and studied, play with a whip to claim this quest.


To claim this quest:

Caravaners use a variety of words to describe the sensations they seek, from sharp or ‘stingy’, to dull and ‘thuddy.’ For those seeking heavy, dull blows (or the quietest possible impact play) playing with punching or kicking can provide an interesting effect. Brought to Sadis Maso by way of the Wildlands, where wrestling and physical struggle is considered a thrilling game, punching and kicking can make for an entertaining form of impact play. If you play with punching and kicking, play carefully as these forms of impact can carry more emotional weight than some other forms. If you do, you can claim this quest.

That’s Gonna Leave a Mark!

To claim this quest:

There can be something thrilling about lasting evidence of impact play, whether temporary lines or shapes that fade within hours or colorful bruises that remain for days. While you might never know the caravaners carry markings with them, at night when their clothing falls away and the rituals begin, their bodies carry a celebration of markings that recall their nights of impactful bliss. If you play with impact that leaves marks behind, you can claim this quest.

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Sadis Maso Frontier Great Impact Sea

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