Clamp Cove

Clamp Cove is a sandy beach on the northwest coast of the Frontier. Throughout the year, the Cove is a training site for the annual Endurance Games, but whether you visit during training season, or for the event itself, the Cove is a popular location for sadists and masochists alike. Competitors (those not in residence for training year round) travel to the Cove from across Sadis Maso to compete in a series of events, all involving endurance of a very particular type. The event (and the resident training) is overseen by the Giant, feared trainer as well as one of the Games’ most notorious past winners in service to the Lady of the Cove. Visitors during the training season are likely to be treated to a glimpse of strong, competitive athletes from all walks of life, learning to wear the clamps that correspond to their chosen events, from decorative nipple equipment to the utilitarian alligator clamps that carry electricity for the shock rounds. If you are afforded the opportunity to see the Giant himself, it’s a sight not to be missed, as he is likely to be inspiring terror among the ranks of athletes while wearing the full complement of clamp accessories that his Lady demands.

The Giant strode back and forth across the training grounds, watching his charges as they endured. He stopped to adjust a clamp that hung askew from the bollocks of a young man who whimpered at the adjustment, but gazed at the Giant with something very near reverence as he gasped. After all, a single glance at the Giant made it apparent that no adjustments were required – his nipples carried the screw equipment that his Lady preferred, his bollock clamps hanging in perfect symmetry, carrying their smooth weights in what seemed an effortless style. He gave a light slap to the clamp he’d just finished adjusting and moved down the line, stopping before a zaftig girl to adjust the electricity running through her nipples. Though it was apparent the athletes who practiced their endurance looked up to him with great enthusiasm, he moved among them with nothing but business in his carriage, until the sound of gloved hands clapping a single time rung through the training grounds. The Giant responded immediately, falling to his knees at the sound of his Lady. She drew nearer, not acknowledging the trainees at all, her full focus on her Giant. The athletes, were suddenly still as statues, no more shifting their weight or grimacing at their burdens, as the Lady handled the Giant gently, but cruelly. “It’s time we removed these.” She deftly unscrewed the screws from his reddened nipples. The soft intake of his breath would have been unremarkable in anyone else, but these students had never seen such a reaction and they watched in awe as the Lady massaged her Giant’s tortured nipples, then carefully inspected the weights hanging stoically from his stones. No further sound came from the Giant, until the Lady touched his face with her gloved hand, when he sighed, leaning into her touch. Sorting through a chest that a servant held before her, the Lady removed a set of marginally gentler clamps for the Giant’s nipples, and put them in place before slapping his face lovingly. “Finish up your training and then come to me in my bedchamber, boy.” The Giant nodded, standing and dusting his knees off nonchalantly as the Lady made her way back to the Keep, all her servants in tow. “Who is ready for a break?” His voice rung out across the training field, and had he asked it ten minutes ago, some of the trainees would likely have taken the opportunity. After watching the tender scene between Giant and Lady, however, all of the would-be athletes were inspired and the Giant’s question was met with a steely silence as the shifting and grimacing began again in earnest.

Clamp Cove Quests

Interest in Clamp Cove

To claim this quest:

It would be hard to gauge who enjoys the subtle art of clamps more between the Lady of the Cove and her Giant. Between them, they have inspired many cohorts of competitors who come to the Endurance Games to wear a variety of hardware on their bodies in many ways, all of them looking to prove that they have the power of endurance. Sadists come to the event from across the land, looking for masochists that catch their eye in the competition. If wearing a clamp, or subjecting your partner to them is something you’re interested in, you can claim this quest.

Tweezer Clamps Event

To claim this quest:

The Tweezer Clamps Event is known far and wide as a good first-time event for Endurance Games competitors. Legend has it, the Giant won this event on his first try, not only by out-enduring all the other competitors, but by going for bonus style points with clamps on both nipples as well as bollocks. If you play with Tweezer style clamps, anywhere on the body, you can claim this quest.

Alligator Clamps Event

To claim this quest:

When the Giant is working with a new trainee, Alligator Clamps are one of his favorite tools, because they can be adjusted to ease the difficulty for beginners, and to increase the difficulty as the training continues. Many a trainee has known the exciting dread of the Giant’s touch as he adjusts a set of Alligator Clamps that had just become easy to bear. (He seems to have a preternatural sense of these things.) If you play with Alligator Clamps, on any part of the body, you can claim this quest.

Vise Clamps Event

To claim this quest:

If the Giant isn’t wearing his Lady’s favorite Nipple Screws, you’ll likely find him sporting a set of decorative Vise Clamps on his nipples. Vise Clamps are made of a variety of materials, and in many shapes, but they all work by tightening a lower bar, catching some body part inside by increasing degrees of tightness as the screw is adjusted. If you play with Vise Clamps, on any part of the body, you can claim this quest.

Clover Clamps Event

To claim this quest:

Clover Clamps are another decorative entry to the world of body clamps, and perhaps the most iconic. The Giant often wears them on his stones, as they are well suited for carrying the weights that the Lady likes to keep on his clamps there. If you play with Clover Clamps on any part of the body, you can claim this quest.

Nipple Screws Event

To claim this quest:

The Nipple Screw is the Lady’s favorite hardware for the Giant to wear – they remind her of piercings, without having to make any permanent decisions. This is perhaps the hardest clamp to find a practical way to use on body parts other than the nipple, though if you can find a creative solution, the Giant would love to hear about it in the tavern! If you play with Nipple Screws, you can claim this quest.

Weighted Clamps Event

To claim this quest:

The Weighted Clamps Event is a favorite for the spectators every year. Though watching trainees wearing clamps on their bodies for the gratification of the spectating sadists is exciting, it’s not quite as theatrical as the slow, incremental loading of increasingly larger weights on a wide variety of clamp types. The Giant loads the weights up himself, careful not to do any lasting damage to his loyal trainees as he encourages them to carry their way to victory. If you play with weighting any kind of clamps, attached to any part of the body, you can claim this quest.

Vibrating Clamps Event

To claim this quest:

The Giant is a sadist, but he’s not a monster! He does still enjoy dispensing pleasure, something he does in many ways beyond the nightly massage of soothing cream into the tortured body parts of every single trainee. The Vibrating Clamp Event is great for trainees who are looking for an element of pleasure mixed in with their pain, and this is always the event that leads to the greatest number of unintentional orgasms, a phenomena that is wagered upon with great anticipation every year among the sadists. If you play with a Vibrating Clamp on any part of the body, you can claim this quest.

Electric Clamps Event

To claim this quest:

The Electric Clamps Event is subject to a great deal of controversy at the Games, as the Wizards of Spark Rift bring their own apprentices every year, and every year, with few exceptions, the Wizards’ competitors win the medal. The Giant still enjoys preparing his trainees to compete, and endures his own fair share of electrified clamp time. If you play with electrified clamps, on any part of the body, you can claim this quest.

Visit the Tavern:

Sadis Maso Frontier Clamp Cove

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