Biting Coast

The Biting Coast is a rocky shoreline along the southern edge of the Sadis Maso Frontier. Legend has it that the denizens of this region crossed the Frontier from the Wildlands generations ago in search of a more intense existence, and while the modern-day residents are quite at home in the stark landscape of the Frontier, the mark of the Wildlands is still evident in their lifestyle. The enterprising traveler can find an enthusiastic welcome during any season in the rocky caves where the people of the Coast make their homes. Visitors can be assured of a personal greeting from the leader of the pack, a Wolf-spirit known only as the Alpha who some say has led the people since their Wildlands days. The Alpha is fond of physical play, the rougher the better, but like the rest of his people, finds no play more satisfying than closing his sharp teeth over the exposed, sensitive parts of a willing partner.

The Bosun peeked out from behind the mast, watching as the Coast People unloaded their supplies. She was curious about all of them, but most of all the Alpha, with the silken wolf ears perched atop his head. She imagined they would feel soft beneath her fingertips, if he would ever allow her to touch them. Tonight, she would find out. She crept away from the ship, and waited until the ship went back out to sea and the fires began to spark up all along the Coast. He smiled at her approach, the sharp edges of his canines evident beneath the roguish curve of his lips. He listened to her request, then beckoned her closer, dipping his head so that she might inspect the ears that intrigued her so. Shyly, she ran her fingertips reverently along his head, feeling the soft touch of his hair and the ears that felt exactly as she’d expected. He thrummed as she touched him, leaning his head into her hand with pleasure and she felt a sudden rush of warmth between her legs. She lifted her fingers from his head, ready to let him fulfill the second part of her request. He rose to his feet in a single fluid motion, the mischief still in evidence across his face as he tumbled her to the ground in his grasp, ridding her of her practical trousers effortlessly. She tensed for the feel of his teeth, but when it came, across her bare bottom, it was not what she expected. He nipped at her lightly, tugging at her skin in the most fascinating way. His hands explored her thighs, inching upwards toward the source of warmth as his teeth grew more insistent, rougher. Just as she’d known how his ears would feel, she had longed for this and she threw her head back, howling in mingled delicious pain and overwhelming pleasure. The Alpha’s hands grew rougher, more possessive, his teeth nestling deeper into her skin as his pack’s voices rose alongside hers, claiming her as their own.

Biting Coast Quests

Interest in Biting Coast

To claim this quest:

The Alpha comes by his oral fixation honestly, through his Wolf-spirit heritage. The rest of his people, however, came to his side for the same reason as the Bosun – they were intrigued by the rough usage of teeth in play. While there are many sharp implements that can be used to provide pressure and a biting sensation, there is something intensely personal about the act of taking someone’s body into your teeth. If you are fascinated by the idea of biting a partner or being bitten, you can claim this quest.

Biting Play

To claim this quest:

While the Alpha plays many games that involve biting and being bitten, his primal roots are in evidence in his preferences, and his favorite way to play is just to follow his desire. From the relatively easy starting place of the butt, to the neck, toes, shoulders and genitals, just playing with biting can be a fun way to play with pain, dominance, or just intense sensation. If you spend a play session exploring biting or being bitten, you can claim this quest.


To claim this quest:

The Alpha loves to play biting games in the dark of the night, but when he’s feeling particularly possessive, he also likes to see the evidence of his fun the next morning, in the marks that his preternaturally sharp teeth leave behind. Nothing quickens his heartbeat faster than watching his previous night’s prey saunter proudly through the caves, displaying the proof of his passion. If you spend a play session experimenting with bites that leave marks behind, you can claim this quest.

The 8 Bites of Love

To claim this quest:

While most nights, the Alpha prefers the heedless heat of passion to guide his games, some nights (and some partners) call for the structured play of a game. On these nights, the Alpha likes to get out one of his old, treasured books – the Kama Sutra, to practice the Eight Bites of Love. If you’re looking for a structured game to play (and some unusual directives, even for enthusiastic biters) look up the Eight Bites of Love and work your way through them. (Keeping a straight face during forehead biting is not required!) If you make it through all Eight, you can claim this quest.

Hold Still

To claim this quest:

The Alpha is very in touch with his animal nature. Part of the draw to biting during sex can come from the role that biting often plays in using one’s teeth to hold a willing partner right where we want them. Whether it’s putting teeth on a shoulder from behind to remind a partner who’s on top, or a more intimate grip on the throat during face-to-face penetration, or your own creative spin on holding your partner in place with your teeth, this particular game can bring out a surprisingly strong primitive pull. (Growling is highly recommended!) If you play this game, you can claim this quest.

Hot and Cold

To claim this quest:

The Alpha spends a great deal of time with a new partner learning the reactions to biting with various levels of pressure on different body parts. Someone who loves to be bitten hard on the hip or thigh might have a low tolerance to pressure on the nipples. His favorite way to learn how best to bring someone to the right kind of howling is to play a version of the classic ‘hot and cold’ game, biting various parts of the body with ongoing feedback of ‘hotter, colder, harder, gentler.’ It lets him build a roadmap to any partner’s favorite bites. If you play this game, you can claim this quest!

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