$20 or more – Epic Tier Support – Video Gaming Path

Exercise Divine Powers as an Epic Tier Supporter – Video Game Path

Suggested price: $20.00

Minimum price: $20.00 every month





At the Epic Tier, you don’t just get to help make it possible to build the world of Kinktasia, you get to help guide the direction that we focus our efforts. Choose an Epic Tier path, and we’ll focus on building out the content for the paths that people are supporting. Enjoy your divine powers!

For subscribing at this level you get:

All rewards from previous tiers (not including other Epic Tiers)

Access to video previews of the development plan for the game, assets and other behind the scenes content

Eventual access to beta builds as we develop the KinkQuest video game

‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ style Polling to help decide on features in the game

(Fair warning, the game doesn’t exist yet, but new content will be released in any month in which we have Epic Tier supporters in this path – the first months will likely look more like video previews and planning input until we can build something that is at all playable!)


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