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Exercise Divine Powers as an Epic Tier Supporter – Tabletop Path

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At the Epic Tier, you don’t just get to help make it possible to build the world of Kinktasia, you get to help guide the direction that we focus our efforts. Choose an Epic Tier path, and we’ll focus on building out the content for the paths that people are supporting. Enjoy your divine powers!

For subscribing at this level you get:

All rewards from previous tiers (not including other Epic Tiers)

Access to the D&D 5e Homebrew Kink Ruleset Expansion that we are building

Access to D&D 5e Kinktasia campaigns after we run them

Access to a regular, remote monthly D&D Campaign based on the Kink Expansion, set in the world of Kinktasia (Initially to be run by Ana and Soren, but if we have lots of interest in this, we may look to talented site regulars to run additional sessions to make room for everyone!)

If the players are interested, we are considering creating an audio only podcast from our live-play sessions (to be discussed with the players)

We are initially capping this reward at 5 players so we don’t get overwhelmed! We’ll need at least 3 to play. Honestly, we have no idea whether this is even of interest to supporters, but we wanted to offer it just in case, since it seems like it could be a lot of fun!

(Fair warning, the expansion doesn’t exist yet, and it will take us some time to build out the campaign. We won’t be ready to start the campaign until December, so feel free to wait until then to sign up at this level. However, the 5 spots are first come, first serve!)


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