Memory of Gaia

In the center of Kinktasia, surrounded on all sides by the Sappho Sea is the island where the Memory of Gaia temple can be found. From here, the Priestess of Gaia watches benevolently over the entire land, but there are many in the land who are known as Priestess – this Priestess, the head keeper of Gaia’s Memory is known by a special title – the Cam Girl. She is surrounded by young acolytes, each of which carries the symbol of their Goddess’ everpresent eye, which records and broadcasts the Cam Girl’s messages to all of the rulers of the land (and anyone else who chooses to tune in.) Gaia’s eye beholds everything on Kinktasia with equal joy and approval. The best way to keep her Word is to follow the Cam Girl’s example, recording Memories of all kinds of joy that exist in the land to share with others, spreading happiness and knowledge far and wide.

The Cam Girl stretched across the altar, readying herself for the day’s sermon. She idly scrolled through her notes for today – she had a plan for today’s message that would definitely keep the good people of Kinktasia tuned in and watching. She called to a youth who strolled by in temple robes, gazing at Gaia’s Word on his device. “Come in here, and gather your brothers and sisters. I’m ready to record.” In no time, the acolytes were gathered, watching breathlessly, their devices all opening their eternal eyes in the Cam Girl’s direction. “Hey guys, today I’m going to remind you of Gaia’s Word with a role-play JOI. Imagine I’m your step-sister and I just walked in your room and caught you in your smallclothes.” The Cam Girl sat up, dropping her temple robes to reveal breasts that spilled free on command. Somehow, she managed to look as though she’d done it entirely on purpose and yet blush at the same time. “Oops! I’ll totally tell Mom unless you do exactly as I say.” She leaned forward, ready to start the show. She couldn’t see the eyes on her, but she knew they were watching. She never had to leave this island to know that she loved her audience, and they loved her too. “Now take off your underwear and let me see.”

Memory of Gaia Quests

Interest in Memory of Gaia

To claim this quest:

Gaia, a deity of Kinktasia, focuses her energy and attention on creating physical memories of all of the varied and wonderful kinks that exist in the land through the symbols that her acolytes and Priestess carry, the sign of the ever-open eye. Her Priestess, the Cam Girl broadcasts Gaia’s messages across the land in video format. If you are interested in creating photos or videos, whether for your own private use or for distributing far and wide, you can claim this quest.


To claim this quest:

The Cam Girl usually has acolytes waiting and at hand to capture her messages with their symbols of Gaia, but for the rest of Gaia’s followers, there are times when they want to capture a Memory when no one else is around. If you’re looking to capture a moment, whether for your own benefit or to share with someone else, you can follow the Word of Gaia. Take a sexy photo of yourself to claim this quest.

Advanced Selfie

To claim this quest:

The Cam Girl knows that some special moments can be captured forever in a single still image, but other Memories require a little more context. If you want to capture a Memory, or share it with someone else, when you are all by yourself, take a video all on your own. If you do, you can claim this quest.

Ready For My Close Up

To claim this quest:

The Cam Girl rarely just captures a Memory without preparation. She knows that part of the ritual of following Gaia’s Word is about the intention involved. Every part of her wardrobe, her hair, her setting is as she chooses. The thought, the choosing is the way that the Cam Girl works her magic. If you want to capture a Memory, and have fun doing it, plan a photo shoot with a partner or a friend. Put thought and energy into all of the little details and capture some Memories, whether you focus on your favorite kink while you do, or just focus on capturing your self as you are (the sexier, the better!) Have your own photo shoot to claim this quest!

Making a Movie

To claim this quest:

Just as a photo shoot is an opportunity to think about every component of a still photo (or set of still photos) making a movie is another exercise in planning and intention. Whether you capture a Memory of one of your favorite kinks or just your sexy self, if you work with a partner (or more than one) to film a sexy Memory, you can claim this quest!

Shared Memories

To claim this quest:

The Cam Girl broadcasts her Memories and messages across the land of Kinktasia, because she knows that loving the same things is a great connector of people. Not everyone is in a position to share their captured Memories with the world, but in whatever capacity you can, share a photo or video that represents the things you love to do with the world. It’s terrifying and freeing at the same time. If you share a photo or video of something that reflects the sexy part of yourself, you can claim this quest.

Gaia’s Word

To claim this quest:

The more we do as Gaia’s head Priestess does, the closer we are to Gaia’s Word. If that’s true, then there is no act that makes Gaia more pleased than broadcasting our joy far and wide from moment to moment, as it happens in real time. For the Cam Girl that means sending a message out through the devices of her gathered acolytes. For the rest of us, that means live streaming. If you broadcast a livestream to the world that shares the part of you that loves whatever kinky things you love, you can claim this quest!

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