Our Support Goals

First and foremost let us reiterate that it is a core focus of KinkQuest.org that the community and the game are and will always be free.

That being said, we have a lot of big plans for the site, and want to make room for members to help us make fun things happen. We want to share a little more about our goals, and where your support goes. Ultimately, all support to the site will go toward fulfilling 3 separate goals.

(Note that at the moment all of this info will be updated by Ana, so if you support us, the gauges won’t automatically update, but Ana will get to it as quickly as she can!)

Goal #1 – Cover the Monthly Cost of the Site


When we built the site, we wanted to build something special, and we knew that would involve a certain investment in paying for artwork and technology, along with the unavoidable costs of hosting, podcast hosting, etc., We knew what we were spending, and we felt that the community that we were imagining was worth the investment. However, we’d definitely love to get to the point where members are getting enough value out of the community to help us cover the costs of keeping the lights on!

This gauge will always show our monthly total support, and how close we are in a given month to covering the first-year costs of the site.

Goal #2 – Invest in Other Kinky Creators

A Mockup Cover for a KinkQuest Coloring Book

KinkQuest Themed Coloring Book


Many of our ideas involve investing in new art, media and other content from the kinky creators who are all working to keep their lights on too. (You can take a look at the ‘Work With Us’ page to see some of our ideas and make recommendations or reach out to us. It’s our intent to eventually raise the funds to be able to pay for cool bonus content for tiered members, and more base content for everyone who participates in the community. We want to do a lot more than create coloring pages, but coloring pages are a good starting point! For every $100 of support we receive, we’ll add another coloring page to the collection.

This gauge will fill month by month with our total support received, and every time it hits $100, we’ll commission a coloring page and reset the gauge!

Goal #3 – Space to Pursue More of Our Ideas

A Mockup Cover for a Kink-Themed RPG Setting

KinkQuest Themed D&D Compendium (Extended Ruleset and Campaign)


If you hadn’t guessed it, we are creators at heart. This site is about finding other people to connect with, and finding fun new ways to play with the kinks that we love. But there’s a lot more we want to create and share with the community we are building. We are fortunate to work for ourselves, which means we have a certain amount of freedom to devote to KinkQuest pursuits, but we also have to keep the lights on at home and raise our two teenagers. That means that to give Ana the space to write nerdy kink-themed D&D adventures, sexy novels or short stories, or her dream goal, to build a kinky video game based on the world of KinkQuest, we’ll need to find ways to shift more and more of our attention toward our kink identities and less to our boring day jobs.

This gauge will fill with total support received, month after month and by the time we have received $250 we will release the Kink-Themed D&D Homebrew Expansion, then reset the gauge with a whole new goal!

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