How do I get more Gems?


13 Gem Awards

  • Get 500 Gems for Signing Up!
  • Get 25 Gems for Commenting on a Podcast Episode!
  • Get 25 Gems per Daily Visit (once per day)
  • Get 25 Gems for Following someone (once per day)
  • Get 25 Gems for Sending an email invite to a friend
  • Get 100 Gems When You Get Another User to Sign up Through an Email Invite
  • Get 50 Gems for Changing / Setting Your Profile Avatar
  • Get 50 Gems for Changing / Setting Your Cover Image
  • Get 25 Gems for Sending a Friend Request
  • Get 25 Gems for Sending a Private Message (Once Per Day)
  • Get 25 Gems for Writing a Message on the Feed (Once Per Day)
  • Get 25 Gems for Asking a Question or Starting a Conversation in one of the Forums
  • Get 25 Gems for Answering a Question or Replying to a Topic on one of the Forums

How do I manage / see my Quests?

On the left hand of your screen (when you are logged in) you will see a white bar with icons in it. This is your Adventure Bar – it’s a handy place to get to all your information. Here, you’ll find your Profile (first icon), your Quest Log, and lots of other good information about your journey through Kinktasia.

I see I can get points for an e-mail invite to a fellow kinkster who I think would love the site. How do I do that?

Again, look at the white bar on the left hand of your screen when you are logged in. Toward the bottom, you’ll see an envelope icon. That’s where you go to send invites!

How do I set up my Notifications (the site can send a lot of e-mail notifications by default!)

Go to your user menu at the top of the site and click the dropdown. From that menu, choose ‘Account,’ then ‘E-mail Preferences’

This will open up a menu where you can set up your preferences:

Can I see which Quests my partner / friend has ‘pinned’?

For now, the pinned quests can’t be accessed by other users. (We’re hoping to increase the functionality of this later.) For now, we built the ‘Interested in Visiting’ Quests in order to help people who are looking to party up. (That’s why they cost fewer Gems to Claim as well!) There are two ways you can interact with these to find out more.

1.) If you want to know who else on the whole site is ‘Interested in Visiting’ a particular city, you can click on that specific Quest. (i.e. Interested in Cake Settling) At the bottom of the Quest page, you’ll see all of the members who have claimed that Quest. Perhaps you can find some connections who are interested in the same kinks as you!

2.) If you have a friend or partner and want to know more about which Quests they are choosing, you can also see which Quests they have claimed. Click on the person in the Members page. Inside their profile, you will see a tab called ‘Completed Quests.’ In that tab, you can see all of the Quests that member has claimed, including their ‘Interest In’ Quests.

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