Sybaris Pass

In the windswept steppes that pass through the mountains at the north end of the Enclave, the intrepid traveler will find the nomadic tribes of Sybaris Pass. Once, the people of the steppes were keepers of horses, and much of their day to day life revolved around the maintenance of their livestock. The amateur cartographer, however, may note the proximity of Sybaris Pass to the dwarven stronghold of Engineer’s Redoubt, and it was early in the life of that stout fortress that the dwarves decided to cement the alliance with the people of the steppes with an offering that would change life in Sybaris Pass forever – clockwork mounts with special modifications made to the saddles. These days, the people of the steppe are led by the Cowgirl, who is known for her quick ability to swing astride her saddle, mounting the rotating, vibrating phallus fixed there and leading her people to wander the steppes, locked into a rough brand of pleasure wherever they go.

From a distance, they looked like any riders. It was only when they drew closer to the travelers’ party that it became clear that the horses weren’t living creatures, but clockwork machinery. They had to draw nearer by half before the travelers could see the special gear they wore to allow access of their special saddles. Some of them rode two to a mount, and through feats of contortionism and balance, were able to penetrate one another and accept the saddle pieces at the same time. The painter shuddered a little, watching them. Surely it had to be hard to bear the intensity of one’s body weight combined with the rough gait of the mechanical horse while being penetrated so completely. Still, the painter watched with growing interest as the moans and cries of the riders seemed to contradict the truth of that supposition. The riders of Sybaris Pass were known to put on a good show for a fair donation, and the travelers had put aside some coin for just this purpose. The Cowgirl did not disappoint, lifting her body up and down along a thick, spinning saddle piece as she swung a lasso to “capture” one of her riders who bounced on a smaller saddle piece that penetrated him from behind. As she tugged on the rope, her rider drew nearer, and the Cowgirl managed to dismount her spinning phallus entirely, swinging effortlessly from her mount to his, climbing astride his eager cock, hanging on to her hat with one hand as she did so. The painter shifted in their trousers, thinking that perhaps they had been hasty in their judgement. Perhaps the riders could use a new recruit, they thought, as the warm flow of blood rushed between their legs at the lusty, rowdy cries of The Cowgirl, as she took her pleasure beneath the setting sun.

Sybaris Pass Quests

Interest in Sybaris Pass

To claim this quest:

The riders of Sybaris Pass have the legendary coordination to manage to mount the saddles of their clockwork horses and stay astride while traveling from place to place. Fortunately, those of us with slightly less coordination can enjoy a similar experience without the traveling component. There are several brands that sell the rideable machine that replicates the experience of the riders of Sybaris Pass, from the Sybian to the Cowgirl, to the bargain-priced Motorbunny. While it’s not easy to come by ownership of one of these machines, there are often opportunities to try them at dungeons or sex parties. Some people love them, some are not fans, but the experience is definitely unique. If you’re interested in riding one of these machines or helping a partner to do so, you can claim this quest.

First Ride

To claim this quest:

Whether you’re lucky enough to have a riding machine of your own, or you find some other opportunity to give it a shot, a first ride on one of these machines can be polarizing. The Cowgirl will tell you that life in the saddle is completely intense! If you get an opportunity to ride a machine like this, or if you help orchestrate a ride for a partner, you can claim this quest.

One More Time

To claim this quest:

The Cowgirl knows that the life of a rider isn’t for everyone. However, for those who try their hand at life on the steppes and learn that they love it, there’s no going back. Rideable machines, for those who enjoy the heavy-handed intensity, can help drag shuddering peaks out of our bodies that might be hard to reach otherwise. If you ride one of these machines (especially if you get the opportunity to do so more than once) and are able to experience multiple orgasms as a result (or facilitate your partner in doing so), you can claim this quest.

Rough Riders

To claim this quest:

While The Cowgirl has two holes to choose from, when she mounts up her saddle piece, some of her riders have only a single choice. With plenty of lubrication, and some practice, any longterm rider can handle the saddle piece anally. If you or your partner takes any attachment of a riding machine anally, and experiences orgasm on the machine (with or without extra assistance) you can claim the Rough Riders achievement.

Riding Double

To claim this quest:

The riders of Sybaris Pass love their saddle pieces, and the heavy vibrations of the machines beneath. They also love to ride together, though, and you’ll find them mounted up in sets of two or three finding all kinds of interesting ways to configure themselves around the single attachment on the clockwork horse. In the simplest configuration, there are lots of ways to engage with a partner who is currently riding a machine, but feel free to get as complicated as you please. If you play together with a rideable machine, you can claim this quest.

The Rodeo

To claim this quest:

The riders of Sybian Pass love to ride. The only thing they love more than riding is riding together, which is why you’ll always find them together out on the steppes. These machines are popular accessories at sex clubs and dungeons, because they can be hard for individuals to obtain, and because they are so showy. If you (or your partner) go for a ride on one of these machines at a play party, where others can see you (even if you’re not the center of attention) you can claim this quest.

The Spotlight

To claim this quest:

The riders of Sybian Pass are known for their love of entertaining others. That’s why any group of travelers moving through the pass is likely to witness an incredible show. Riders of these machines can be aspiring entertainers too, and one event that is often on the playlist for festive sex parties is ‘Sybian Karaoke.’ This game can involve multiple rideable machines, set up on stage with microphones provided. If you get a chance to play, or if you set up the event yourself at your local sex club, you can claim this quest!

Visit the Tavern:

Gambol Enclave Sybaris Pass

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