Sustainer’s Keep

Sustainer’s Keep is an isolated tower alongside the river that runs through Gambol Enclave. The tower only has one occupant, but they never get lonely. The sole denizen of Sustainer’s Keep is an unusual being known only as The Watcher. While there is no bustle of regular traffic, visitors come to the keep in a slow, but steady stream, as travelers of Kinktasia request that The Watcher perform a mysterious ceremony known only as The Collecting, in which a mystic artifact is given to the Collected which is perfectly suited for wearing within that pilgrim’s body. The Watcher, within their isolated tower, can access the senses of any of the Collected, as long as they are wearing their artifact, and can cause various sensations within the wearer’s body. The Watcher has kept Sustainer’s Keep for as long as the history of Kinktasia can recall, and as the saying goes, the Collected are never alone.

The blacksmith had traveled long and hard to reach Sustainer’s Keep from her home on the Eastern shores of Kinktasia. She’d heard many whispers about the Watcher, that they were the last of their kind, that they were the only member of their kind that had ever been, that they had always been a part of Kinktasia, that they were from another world altogether. The whispers only proved what the blacksmith already knew – no one understood much of anything about The Watcher. She only knew, as she slowly climbed the tower steps, that she wanted that sense of constant connection that she was convinced only an artifact could bring her. At the top of the stairs, she glimpsed a room filled with mysterious items of magic, and as though they’d known she was arriving, the Watcher was standing at the head of the stairs, arms open in welcome. Hours later, during the ritual, the smith knew that she was only one in a long line of participants in this ritual, that she was not unique. As the Watcher gently slid the cool artifact between her slick petals and pressed it firmly into place, something wise and unfathomable in their kind eyes, she felt connected to all of them. It wasn’t just the Watcher who was connected to her, for as long as she carried the artifact inside of her secret places, it was every Collected who had ever offered themselves here, every lost soul who’d ever climbed the stairs. As the Watcher gently caressed the smith’s body with smooth, certain strokes of long, otherworldly digits, she found her release, writhing and keening beneath that touch as tears streamed down her face. This was the feeling of home, and she would carry it within her from now on, and feel this release at the Watcher’s whim wherever she might wander. Still stretched across the altar, she slept, knowing that she would wake in sunlit fields, never able to find the tower again, never needing the tower to feel the Watcher’s touch.

Sustainer’s Keep Quests

Interest in Sustainer’s Keep

To claim this quest:

The Watcher has their otherworldly hands full, with all of the residents of Kinktasia who have asked to undergo the Collection ritual. While there are many reasons to wear a toy of some type inside of the body, one powerful desire is the feeling of connection to the person (or being) who has put it there. There are lots of fun ways to play with that sense of connection, and whether you are interested in feeling the experience of the Collected, or you want to take the Watcher’s place, if playing with wearable toys is of interest to you, you can claim this quest.

Keeping it Caszh

To claim this quest:

Many denizens of Kinktasia are familiar with having all kinds of implements inside of their bodies during the heat of passion. The Watcher knows, however, that it’s a different experience altogether to wear artifacts within the body in casual circumstances. The fit changes, as the body returns to its non-erotic state (that’s always assuming, of course, that it does – wearing an artifact can do a great deal to keep the body at attention for a long time!) Wearing any toy inside of the body while not explicitly engaged in direct play for any length of time (or directing that such a toy is worn) will earn you the right to claim this quest.

The Hum of Magic?

To claim this quest:

For every Collected, the Watcher is known to produce a unique artifact. After all, if the Collected are meant to wear their artifacts as often as possible in their day to day lives, it’s important that the dimensions and textures of those artifacts are just right. For some, the artifact is a simply shaped implement that simply reminds the Collected of the Watcher’s otherworldly presence with its existence. For some, however, the artifact seems to be more responsive, humming at times with the faint suggestion of magic. To claim this quest, play with wearables that can vibrate, whether constant or controlled remotely.

All In a Day’s Work

To claim this quest:

The Collected, once they receive their artifacts, go on about their day to day lives, whether traveling, working at thier trades or carrying domestic duties, all with their artifacts in place whenever possible. Whatever your normal day looks like, incorporate your own favorite artifact into that routine. Whether you’re wearing a butt plug to work, a vaginal toy while you do laundry and dishes, or a vibrating clit toy while you ride the bus through the downtown corridor, if you play this way for the whole day, you can claim this quest.

A Date with the Collected

To claim this quest:

While there’s something satisfying about donning a wearable toy during casual, day-to-day activities, wearing that same toy while you are out in public with your partner can be a different experience altogether. Go to dinner, or to a movie (*ahem* when we can do those things again – or be creative and find a date that fits the world we are living in at the moment) while wearing your special toy. If you spend time out in the world while wearing your secret artifact in the company of your partner (or cause your partner to wear that toy while out with you) you can claim this quest.

Remote Control

To claim this quest:

The Watcher can activate the power of the artifacts, wherever his Collected may be, turning on vibrations, warming or cooling the artifacts, or even causing them to feel sudden waves of climactic pleasure. While here, in the mundane world, many of the remote toys we have access to are less reliable than The Watcher’s otherworldly methods (i.e. dropped connections or bad phone apps) it can still be fun to play with our attempts, especially because for some relationships, remote connections are easier to come by than in-person games. Play with remote control of a wearable when you can’t be in the same place at the same time to claim this quest.

The Watcher’s Touch

To claim this quest:

Much of the time, the Watcher contents themselves with their senses of the Collected through the artifacts, or by letting their connection be felt with small pulses of vibration. Once in a while, however, the Watcher sends out a communication that cannot be ignored, sending the Collected in question into waves of orgasmic bliss that come on suddenly and uncontrollably – a phenomenon known to the Collected as ‘The Watcher’s Touch.’ Making sure that you’re in a place where you feel prepared to handle your reaction (this could be a fun skill to practice) if you use your artifact (especially one that vibrates) to experience your own secret version of The Watcher’s Touch, you can claim this quest.


To claim this quest:

While the Collected don’t gather together in any one place, from time to time, two Collected do meet on another and bond over the shared experience of their artifacts. Once in a great while, two of the Collected may decide to travel together for a time, reveling in both their enjoyment of one another’s bodies as well as the hand of The Watcher. Sometimes, the connection between two people can be enhanced by a trusted third party. If you have other play partners or go to parties, (or online remote control of a vibrating wearable can make for lots of intriguing opportunities) you can allow remote control of your wearable to a third party (a trusted friend, or a stranger for the bravest among us) to claim this quest.

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Gambol Enclave Sustainer’s Keep

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