Splash Falls

For the water-loving traveler, Splash Falls are a must-see location on any tour through Gambol Enclave. The Naiads of the falls are a playful bunch, and during the day, they make sweet and good-humored trail guides through the area. When night falls, however, the more adventurous traveler should be prepared for a show, as the Naiads are wont to forget about their curious audience as they reconnect with the water to recharge their bodies from the toil of their daytime hours on land. If you ever have the opportunity to see the Naiads of Splash Falls in a recharging chorus, it’s a show you won’t soon forget!

As the Naiads gathered themselves around the rock shelves that lined the pool in the soft glow of the water lanterns, the subtle variations in their shades of blue were made more evident by their proximity. At first, the spectators could hear nothing but the roar of the falls, but the advantages of the falls became quickly clear, as the Naiads positioned their bodies to press up against the smooth rock, thrumming with the power of falling water. They helped one another to recover joyously, with flowing hands, and eager mouths. At first, it seemed that the ecstasy of connection with one another and the water would be the whole attraction, until one and then another of the naiads threw back their heads and began to keen, a song so strange and melodic, it pierced through the dull roar of the falls. As they spent their pleasure, sparkling surges of blue water flowed from their bodies, splashing into the lake and adding to its shimmer. Throughout the night, they charged their bodies with the water, alternating between pressing up against the rumbling rocks and casting their streams, and frolicking between one another’s legs, tilting their faces up to receive the water goddess’ gift from one another’s bodies. When morning light began to creep into the grotto, the spectators were spent, exhausted and sleeping against the rocks, but the naiads simply began to gather themselves up from the stones, gently waking the spectators for breakfast and readying themselves to start their day.

The quests here are a little different than the quests in most cities – rather than earning the quest by taking a single action, you can earn it by practicing a technique over 5 separate sessions of play. The intent of this is to take the pressure off of whether or not squirting actually happens, and instead focus on the activities that will help you to get there. If you are already comfortable in your ability to squirt, try all of the quests to see if you can learn some new tricks! Another tip: set your space up thoughtfully – whether you play in a bathtub or set your bed up with waterproof sheets, or even a big blue tarp (super cheap at the hardware store!) the sensation of knowing that you won’t ‘make a mess’ can help you ease your mind enough to enjoy the experience. Unless ‘making a mess’ is part of the fun, in which case, carry on!

Splash Falls Quests

Interest in Splash Falls

To claim this quest:

The Naiads are able to ‘squirt’ without any practice – it’s one of the benefits of being a water spirit. For humankind, it’s possible, but it can take a little more of the right mood, the right mindset and the right location. (After all, we can’t all learn in a grotto, surrounded by water lanterns!) If celebrating the water element with your own body sounds like a good idea, or you’d like to spend some time with a Naiad of your own, you can claim this quest!

By Hand

To claim this quest:

While the Naiads are water nymphs who are built for squirting, they often counsel humans who want to squirt that it can take a little more time and patience to get there. One way that many humans have success at emulating the Naiads’ natural art form is through massage (sometimes gentle, sometimes intense) of the G-spot. Do some research and find some various methods of stimulation that sound like they might be good for your body. Settle in with plenty of lube, and your hand or a partner’s and experiment with pressure, angle and method. Once you have played this way five times, you can claim this quest (regardless of whether any waterfalls occurred!)

Reach Assistance

To claim this quest:

Even the Naiads, natural squirters of the magical world, can find that the angles and pressure that their particular bodies need are sometimes hard to achieve with fingers. Luckily, there are a vast array of toys that can provide any stimulation your body craves. If the ‘by hand’ quest wasn’t the right method to achieve squirting (or if it was, and you’re looking for a new trick!) try to settle in for five sessions with some different toys. Are you looking for G-spot pressure that’s a little harder? Try something made of metal or glass. Try something curved and something straight. Take your time to think / talk through the various sensations and what feels like it’s working, or why it doesn’t. Practice as many methods of G-spot stimulation as possible (or whatever region of your anatomy feels right) with toys for five sessions, either alone or with a partner, and you can claim this quest.

Rumble Rapids

To claim this quest:

The Naiads love the deep, rumbly vibrations that the waterfalls make in the smooth stone that surrounds their grotto. Some humans also find that strong vibration can assist in building up their own waterfalls. Experiment with various levels of vibration against different parts of your anatomy (a good, strong wand is especially recommended for this quest.) Play with vibration for five sessions, either along or with a partner, thinking / talking about what seems like it is working and what isn’t, and regardless of whether you are able to squirt, you can claim this quest.

Positional Assistance

To claim this quest:

The Naiads don’t need penetrative sex in order to squirt, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy it. It’s a special honor to be invited to help the Naiads in their nightly ritual when one (or more) of them are in the mood for some full contact assistance. Squirting during penetrative sex might be more challenging than some of the other methods, but let’s face it, we aren’t pursuing squirting because it’s easy. Do some research about some positions that have been useful for other would-be squirters (look up Kunyaza for a really interesting culture lesson from Rwanda!) In general, good starting points involve positions with shallow penetration involving a bit of an upward angle (which leads to some interesting gymnastics, which can be half the fun!) Play this way for 5 sessions, then you can claim this quest.

First Time Squirting

To claim this quest:

The Naiads beckon you over to join them in the grotto. All are welcome in the warm, gently lit waters of Splash Falls, but they hold a special celebration for those who have successfully squirted for the first time. Whether you have been able to emulate the Naiads for a long time, or you were successful on an early try, or you have been slowly working your way through the Splash Falls quests, learning your body’s very specific preferences along the way – if you play in any way that works for you and are successful at squirting (or helping your partner to do so) you can claim this quest!

Visit the Tavern:

Gambol Enclave Splash Falls

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