Masquerade Hall

On a mountainside on the eastern edge of the Enclave, Masquerade Hall stands in dramatic relief against the skyline. Often compared with Glamour Keep, Masquerade Hall represents its own related but unique brand of magic. While it’s known far and wide that The Changeling reigns over the Hall, on any given night, a newcomer might be hard pressed to recognize just who The Changeling might actually be. Taking whatever shape and role fits their flight of fancy for the evening, The Changeling is a shapeshifter of immense talent and cunning. The people of the hall don’t share The Changeling’s born-in gifts to change their appearance, but they join in the celebration to the best of their abilities, living out their fantasies night after night through costumes, makeup and other props. The Changeling only shows their natural shape rarely, but whether you catch a glimpse of The Changeling’s own otherworldly beauty, or one of their many fantastical disguises, you’re in for a night you won’t soon forget!

The shoemaker saw a shimmering at the edge of vision as he came into the main hall, but it was hard to tell if he’d seen the aftereffects of a Shift, or his eyes were playing tricks on him. Either way, there was no question who was in charge here. The figure in the throne was decked in skirts with several flouncing tiers, and covered in a liberal dousing of gold glitter. As he approached the throne, he heard a coquettish giggle, and the ruler appeared to divide her attention between a merchant offering a dizzying array of jeweled combs and a handservant who whispered in her ear while drawing a sparkling comb through the Lady’s curling brown locks. Something about that servant, though- There was something sinuous in their movement, and the snippets of their voice he could hear were like flowing water. By the time the merchant had closed his trunk and hefted it away on his back, the shoemaker took his place before ‘the Lady,’ absolutely certain that she was only a subject playing at rulership, in the strange way of this kingdom. Their eyes locked as he spoke, offering his wares, not to the Lady in the throne, but to the obvious true sovereign of the Hall.

Masquerade Hall Quests

Interest in Masquerade Hall

To claim this quest:

The Changeling understands the power of a change of appearance better than most. Whether the alteration includes role playing or just a change of clothes, looking out from a different kind of facade can bring the most shocking changes in perception, in inhibition, or in mood. Whether it’s just once a year at the Halloween party (Masquerade Hall’s Samhain Feast is far and away the most lavish in Kinktasia) or something different every day, like The Changeling, if Masquerade Hall is intriguing to you, claim this quest!

The Trappings of Power

To claim this quest:

There are many games that people play at Masquerade Hall, the atmosphere calls for it. One of those games involves the exchange of power between two (or more) people. Nothing underscores the subtle giving of control to another like dressing in your own epitome of your role. Whether dressing in your idea of something ultimately dominant or sublimely submissive, wear your power dynamic on your sleeve and play with the dramatic effects that costume can have on power exchange. Whether you dress for your usual role, or dress in the opposing role to see what happens, you can claim this quest.


To claim this quest:

The Changeling loves to wear clothing made of many materials. There are so many different textures and weaves of clothing that we wear in our everyday lives. But once in a while, The Changeling likes to stretch into something that they would never expect to wear in any everyday life. One option for those occasions is latex. Wear something made of gloriously impractical, shiny and skin-tight latex, or play with someone who does, and you can claim this quest.

Sugar and Spice…

To claim this quest:

The Changeling doesn’t just shift between roles, and genders in a moment’s notice. Sometimes, you might visit the Hall to see the leader smiling out at you through the wise and knowing eyes of someone well beyond your years who has lessons of pleasure to teach. Other days though – other days you might find The Changeling dressed in yards of eyelet lace and bloomers beneath blushing cheeks and pigtails, or an adorable set of denim overalls with a roguish wink. If you dress in something that, for you, exemplifies that long-ago time when you were all dressed up and had nothing to concern your mind beyond keeping your hands clean, you can claim this quest. (Another option involves being the force that encourages the dirtying of those innocent hands.)

Gender Bending

To claim this quest:

The Changeling’s shape shifting race is known to spend some period of adolescent years in a nonbinary form, before many settle on a preferred gender, in which they will spend most of their time. The Changeling, however, has never been able to settle on a favorite state of being – they enjoy all of them too much! Gender is a playground that carries with it a vast array of meanings and significances that leave lots of room for dress-up games. Dress up in something that feels like the ultimate expression of a gender you like, or try on a new identity, by costuming yourself in a gender that doesn’t quite fit. Play in a gender costume, or play with someone who does to claim this quest.

Woodland Friends

To claim this quest:

The Changeling usually appears in a humanoid form, though their powers do grant the ability to wear any shape they please, and once in a while, they take advantage of the option to see the world through different eyes. Dressing up like our favorite woodland friends (or the biome of your choice) can take many forms, from a costume meant to replicate a true-to-life representation of the creature, to a good old fashioned anime cat-girl. If you dress up like a furry friend, or play with someone who does, you can claim this quest. (Remember, though, that Masquerade Hall is about playing dress-up – if you feel a closer affinity or identity with those animals than just a costume game, don’t worry, Kinktasia holds cities for you, too!)

Your Own Picasso

To claim this quest:

In midsummer, when the sun sets late in the evening and the air is humid and warm, Masquerade Hall celebrates a unique holiday. Midsummer is known as the Festival of Many Colors, and the people prepare for the event for days beforehand, harvesting brightly hued flowers and plants, and crushing it into smooth, pigmented paints. In the feast hall, by the light of candles and the rising rhythm of the drums, they arrive, for once, in no costumes, dropping flowing robes to the floor and gathering bare-footed and unclothed. Any confused visitors realize, quickly enough, what the intent is – costumes for this night are painted-on (though many revelers have lost most of the paint by the long night’s end!) Play with body paint to claim this quest.

Visit the Tavern:

Gambol Enclave Masquerade Hall

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