Loop Spire

On top of a towering spire, at the peak of a desolate mountain on the coast of the Sappho Sea, the wandering traveler can find the pristine demesne of The Paladin, a warrior priestess of the goddess Sappho who has withdrawn from the world of men. Men live and work in the village below, but there is only one way for those who identify as male to make their way to the top of the spire – as willing prisoners. The Paladin is not unique in her preference of the company of women – Kinktasia is vast and knows all manner of tastes. However, unlike other everyday worshipers of Sappho, The Paladin has taken her zealotry to a new level. She sees the work of demons in every unassuming cock, and believes that any phallus in her presence requires a certain level of restraint. Those who identify as men might find Loop Spire a challenging destination, unless being bound up with their cocks muzzled sounds like a pleasant interlude, in which case Loop Spire is highly recommended.

The Paladin gestured impatiently that the door might be opened, admitting two maidens in modest shifts of white and gold, a chained man restrained between them. He was stripped of any clothing, and his cock leaped eagerly at the sight of the inner sanctum. A harem of women reclined in chaises around the sanctum, some of them languidly kissing and idly tasting one another’s sexes as they watched his plight. “Fit him with a metal ring about his demon and put him in the witness cage, and be quick about it. I am busy.” The maidens knelt before the prisoner and used cool hands and mouths to measure his ‘demon’ and find an appropriate sized metal ring to slide around his girth. One of the maidens was perhaps a bit more thorough than necessary with her mouth, but the prisoner barely noticed he was so enthralled by the scene in the sanctum. As he watched, his swelling cock caged by the tight grip of the ring, The Paladin swept aside her white robes, revealing bikini mail of brilliant gold, a view that prisoners were the only men to ever see. Later, he would insist that The Paladin looked back to make sure he was watching before she buried her face lustily in her companion’s lap, drawing peals of screaming from her lungs that made his cock jump against its cruel restraints.

Loop Spire Quests

Interest in Loop Spire

To claim this quest:

There are many reasons to wear a cock ring, and not all of them amount to the brand of pleasant torture that is The Paladin’s trademark. If the idea of restraining your ‘demon’ (or one that is attached to a partner) appeals to you, then perhaps a cock ring might be of interest. If Loop Spire might be an interesting destination for you to explore, you can claim this quest.

Ring Around the Demon

To claim this quest:

The Paladin might seem a cruel mistress, but deep down, she knows that driving her prisoners to massive erections while they are wearing her rings is the reason they are really in her sanctum. While she doesn’t lower herself to relieve their desire, she knows that some of her maidens are somewhat less purists in their worship of Sappho than she is, and sneak into the sanctum overnight to pleasure the prisoners and themselves in secret, because cock rings aren’t just pleasure for the penis wearing them, but they can feel amazing for a partner as well. If you wear a cock ring, or play with someone who is wearing one, you can claim this quest!

Demon’s Rumble

To claim this quest:

One might not be surprised to find that small devices that vibrate are scattered carelessly about the sanctum. After all, any place where so many vaginas find pleasure is only enhanced by such toys – it’s the reason why vibration is known as Sappho’s gift. What might surprise the uninitiated, however, is the fact that the Paladin often grants Sappho’s gift to her demon-bearing prisoners. The prisoners know that once they spend their pleasure in the witness cage, their rings are removed and they are taken to a lower level of the Spire to rest and recover, and as might be expected, they dread such release. Sappho’s gift can make their work much more difficult, and The Paladin is not known for her gentleness of spirit. If you play with a cock ring fitted with Sappho’s Gift, you can claim this quest.

Fully Restrained

To claim this quest:

Usually, The Paladin’s prisoners are quite docile. After all, they are in the Spire by choice, and the view can be quite interesting, with the maidens’ night-time visits to anticipate. Still, once in a while, a prisoner arrives with something to prove. They might call out to The Paladin in a way that distracts her from her play, or rattle the cage. To calm them and take them in hand, she often orders her maidens to fit them with a plug ring – a cock ring attached to an anal plug. If nothing else, she gains momentary peace, as they pay attention to the maidens, lubing up and inserting the plug after sliding the rings precisely into place. If you play with a plug ring, you can claim this quest.

Beads and Binding

To claim this quest:

Sometimes, The Paladin is in a creative mood. In those moods, she’ll order her maidens to fit the prisoners with varying devices, just to keep them from knowing what to expect. Another interesting variation of a cock ring is a Bolo. A Bolo is a cord with beads to hold it in place that can be wrapped around the demon and stones in any number of interesting ways. Often, in one of her devious moods, The Paladin will challenge her maidens to find the most interesting ways to tie the Bolo, with the winner treated to pleasures at her own lips. If you play with a Bolo, you can claim this quest (though you’ll have to make your way to the sanctum if you hope to claim your reward.)

Doing Time

To claim this quest:

For all her seeming cruelty, The Paladin is wickedly talented with a cock ring (at least through the proxy of her maidens’ hands) and she knows exactly how long it is safe to keep the demons caged, while doing no harm. Wearing the rings for as long as possible keeps her prisoners tortured and rock hard for as long as she wills it. Work your way up to an hour in a cock ring of your choice and see how it affects your favorite demon to claim this quest.

Dress Clothes

To claim this quest:

The Paladin has a wicked sense of humor. When she tells her maidens to get the prisoners into their ‘dress clothes’ only the initiated know what to expect. The maidens gleefully fit the prisoners with decorative, captured bead Glans Rings (some with sounding plug) before marching them out through the streets of the village. The men in the village who have spent their time in the Spire sigh fondly with nostalgia, and those who are still working their nerve up to enter shudder with sympathy. It’s always a good time for everyone involved. If you play with a Glans Ring, you can claim this quest.

Visit the Tavern:

Gambol Enclave Loop Spire

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