Lily’s Harness

On the broad plain that sits in the center of Gambol Enclave, you’ll find little of note to divert your attention from the long, dusty journey to the western coast. The area offers only one attraction, set square in the middle of the nothingness of the plain, but it’s an attraction known far and wide. The best known brothel in all of Kinktasia, Lily’s Harness is not to be missed. The proprietress, Lily herself, is a connoisseur of all things related to the strap-on phallus that she wears throughout the day, over top of her clothes. She maintains a full complement of staff, all of them trained with her own hands (among other tools) on the skillful usage of the strap-on. If you’ve ever wondered why you might want to experience a strap-on replica, when there are so many examples of ‘the real thing’ around, Lily and her boys, girls and otherwise will help answer that question as quick as you can say “Lily’s Harness.”

Lily smiled as the saloon doors swung open unexpectedly. Visitors, her favorite. A quick negotiation later, she found herself up in one of the guest rooms with a pretty, blushing girl on her knees. Fully clothed, she took off her ‘day use’ attachment and considering carefully, chose a rosy-colored medium-sized attachment to wear for this encounter. Her client looked down, shy and asked “Will you feel anything?” Lily’s lips curved into a wicked smile. “I will.” She arched her hips forward, pressing the soft tip of her cock into the client’s waiting mouth. She moved exaggeratedly, illustrating the way that she could grind her already-slick mound against the flared base of the strap-on, even through the thin fabric of her clothing. “But we have so many senses beyond touch, dear girl. And you are so pretty with this in your mouth.” The client closed her eyes and moaned a muffled assent as Lily started fucking her face in earnest.

Lily’s Harness Quests

Interest in Lily’s Harness

To claim this quest:

A genuine cock is a lovely thing, with many uses, but a strap-on is a different matter, and has its own charms, as Lily can attest. Anyone can wear a strap on, though they are particularly popular in those who don’t have cocks of their own. If you are curious about strapping into a harness of your own, or if you want to see what it feels like to be penetrated with an implement that is an extension of the hips it is strapped to, you can claim this quest!

Strap In!

To claim this quest:

There are many games to be played with a variety of strap-on implements, but sometimes only the classic experience will do. While Lily is skilled in all sorts of off-menu experiences, she finds a certain simple pleasure in just strapping on a fresh, clean phallus and using it to drive as much pleasure as possible out of a new client. If you wear a strap-on or play with someone who is wearing one, you can claim this quest.

Under the Hood

To claim this quest:

Lily gets plenty of lovely sensations when she wears a classic strap-on – after all, pressing her cock into any opening brings a certain amount of usable pressure. Still, sometimes, when she’s looking for a little more depth in the experience, she switches out her harness for one with a phallus on the reverse, so that she can be penetrated too. Wear a harness with a penetrative implement for the wearer, or play with someone in one, and you can claim this quest.

Strapless Strap-On

To claim this quest:

Strapless-Strap on may feel like an oxymoron, but Lily is a big fan of being contrary. As much as she loves the restrictive feeling of the harness, bucked tightly at her hips, once in a while, Lily likes to shed all of her clothing, including her harness, while still enjoying a ‘hands-free’ experience. That’s when it’s time to get out the strapless strap-on, with a tilted phallus that slides deep into her body, holding it (mostly) in place for her convenience. And when it does slip out of place, it only gives her an opportunity to ask for help slipping it back into place. Win – win. If you wear a strapless strap-on or play with someone who is wearing one, you can claim this quest.


To claim this quest:

Lily loves to play with a variety of people in many ways with her strap-ons. She plays with men, woman and the gender unidentified, in whatever holes they prefer, and she is known for her ability to shift power dynamics on a dime, if that’s what the situation calls for. However, sometimes, the client requests a special service called pegging. Those clients generally identify as men, and what they want is for Lily to fuck them in the ass with one of her biggest cocks. Lily is only too happy to comply! If you peg someone, or get pegged, you can claim this quest.

Double Time

To claim this quest:

Most of the feats of penetration that Lily’s client desire can be carried out by Lily all by herself, if she chooses to service a particular client. However, there’s one service that Lily needs to enlist help to accomplish – double strap-on penetration. When a client wants to feel the stretch of the strap-on in two separate holes at a time, Lily calls in one of her staff to help her finish the job to everyone’s satisfaction. If you are one of a duo of wearers of a strap-on, servicing someone together, or if you are lucky enough to be pleasured by two strap-on wearers at once, you can claim this quest.

Visit the Tavern:

Gambol Enclave Lily’s Harness

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