Fist’s Hold

Way out, at the far northwestern edge of Kinktasia, you’ll find the stark, harsh Holding of a former solder known to his people only as Fist. The keep is built inside a natural rock formation that thrusts up toward the sky, protecting the denizens of the keep from weather and enemies alike. Fist is good with his hands, and he sticks to what he knows. After years spent in the barracks in lands far from the indulgent ease of Kinktasia, Fist determines the worth of a lover by what they are willing to bear for him, and how much of his thick, heavy hand he can fit inside their body.

Fist knelt on the rough, stone floor, a jar of thick lubricant at his elbow. The parlormaid posed on hands and knees before him, reveling in the sting where her bare knees pressed her weight against the stone. Fist awkwardly patted the maid on her hip while he spoke to her in a voice that was gravelly and low, “What kind of mood are you in today, girl?” The parlormaid’s voice was breathy with anticipation. “All five of them, sir.” Fist smiled. “All five?” He submerged his entire hand in the vat of grease and pulled it out, flexing his fingers. “Then it’s a good day, indeed.”

Fist’s Hold Quests

Interest in Fist’s Hold

To claim this quest:

Fisting is an intense activity, but for fans of this no-nonsense kink, intense is good. If you like fingers inside your body, and wonder how many you can really take – or if you are intrigued by the idea of submerging your entire hand inside of a partner, then Fist’s Hold might be an interesting destination for you, despite it’s location on the far edge of the Enclave. If you are interested in learning more of Fist’s craft, you can claim this quest.

Beginner’s Luck

To claim this quest:

As much as Fist enjoys that moment when he slides his entire fist into a partner, he also understands how important it is to invest in proper training. Whether you’re working on getting a fist into a butt or a vagina, the first step is just getting comfortable with the plan. To claim this quest, work on getting three fingers into your hole of choice. This might be easy, or it might take some time and energy to get there. Either way, once you get three fingers in (or a toy that’s about the diameter of three fingers) you can claim this quest!

Making Progress

To claim this quest:

Whether you have already completed the ‘Beginner’s Luck’ quest (three fingers) or you feel ready to skip right past that one, it’s time to work your way up to four fingers. Fist likes to work his way up to this one with a variety of toys and a lot of lube. After all, the journey is part of the fun. If you can accept four fingers (or help your partner to accept four fingers) in the hole of your choosing, you can claim this quest.

In the Front Door

To claim this quest:

Fist has several fond memories of each first time he was able to help one of his holders achieve full fisting capacity (and not just any fist – Fist’s hands are of particularly massive stature!) If you have a vagina, successfully accept an entire fist inside of you to claim this quest or (whether you are gifted with a vagina or not) help a partner along with your own fist.

In the Back Door

To claim this quest:

While Fist loves any kind of fisting activity, there’s a special sense of achievement for him in helping one of his holders celebrate taking their first anal fist. It can be a long and satisfying journey to train a butt to take an entire hand (especially Fist’s!) and every time Fist is asked to participate, it’s an honor he takes seriously. Either accept an entire fist inside your butt or help someone take your fist inside of theirs and you can claim this quest!

Double Fisting It

To claim this quest:

Fist is a simple man who sees the world through an uncomplicated lens. He’s known to say, “By my reckoning, the Goddess makes a body with two fists for a good reason.” Making use of both of those fists is a favorite past-time of Fist’s with his more advanced Holders. If you can take two fists in one session (whether at separate times or both at once) you can claim this quest!

Visit the Tavern:

Gambol Enclave Fist’s Hold

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