Engineer’s Redoubt

Far to the northern edge of Gambol Enclave, where the land butts up against the edge of the nameless mountains, the dedicated traveler will reach Engineer’s Redoubt, the only place in Kinktasia where the dwarven engineers of days long past still labor over their creations. The precision of gears and pinions, motor and crank are unparalleled anywhere else in the land. The brilliant inventors of Engineer’s Redoubt are led by Ari, the most brilliant, creative engineer the Redoubt has ever seen. The dwarves they lead will admit that Ari has a bit of a reputation for being ‘touched,’ but perhaps it takes a few lapses in sanity to build machines capable of the amount of pleasure Ari’s devices can bring.

The Smith’s Apprentice took her lessons very seriously, and her favorite lesson of the week was here, at the Redoubt. She didn’t learn about temperatures or fuels here, or about the properties of various metals. Here, she learned about design, by helping Ari to put the machines through their paces. She climbed astride a device that looked like a saddle, beneath Ari’s watchful eye, but before she could mount it properly, Ari held up a finger, stopping her in her tracks. “Here, apply this first.” Ari handed the apprentice a jar full of a smooth, buttery substance that she gladly smeared along the phallus that was mounted to the saddle. Climbing aboard again, she slid blissfully down the length of the phallus, and was ready to put in the work herself, when Ari put their hand under the device and flipped a switch. Suddenly, the machine began to shudder and shake, and the phallus that was buried deep in the apprentice’s body began to twirl. Ari smiled as the apprentice drove her hips in hard circles, squealing and moaning as she spent herself against Ari’s creation. Nothing like a job well done.

Engineer’s Redoubt Quests

Interest in Engineer’s Redoubt

To claim this quest:

The dwarves are talented inventors and can build wonders out of anything they set their minds to. Luckily for Kinktasia, Ari, the leader of Engineer’s Redoubt has put their mind to building machines that do one thing – wring as much pleasure out of some willing victim as dwarvenly possible. And as it happens, a lot is possible. If you are curious about the dark and twisted works of art that are commonly known as fucking machines, Engineer’s Redoubt will hold many wonders for you to behold.

Ari’s Machine

To claim this quest:

Ari is always devising new, devious ways to build machines for penetrative purposes, but a classic favorite is what is commonly known as a fucking machine. There are many kinds of these machines with different features, but ultimately it involves a machine with a phallus on a piston that moves back and forth, usually granting some control over speed, depth and angle. Ari’s machines are steam-powered, but you can probably find one that plugs into the wall or is battery powered. Another great variation involves some form of restraint, keeping the recipient nice and still for maximum control. Play with a machine like this and you can claim this quest.

Handheld Thruster

To claim this quest:

Engineer’s Redoubt is a massive hall, carved into the side of a mountain. Ari knows, however, that not everyone who wants their machines has such expansive space. For those hobbyists, Ari designed the handheld thruster. (Getting steam power into a handheld device took every ounce of Ari’s genius, but fortunately for you, we have access to battery powered thruster devices.) A thruster simulates the same motion as a classic fucking machine, but in a miniature, handheld sized form factor. If you’re not quite ready for a full-scale machine, but interested in the concept of a tireless thrust (until the battery runs out!) pick up a thruster device and claim this quest!

Not Your Grandma’s Rocking Chair!

To claim this quest:

Part of a series of machines that work with just the power of your own muscles, the rocker style fucking machine is another favorite of Ari’s. A phallus is affixed to a seat that drives the phallus up and down as the machine rocks forward and back. The mechanics are simple, but effective, and an analog device like this can be a little easier to get your hands on than a full scale fucking machine. Play with a rocking machine to claim this quest.


To claim this quest:

The dwarves work with an array of different tools to cut, smooth and secure the materials that they use in all of their devices. It was, perhaps, one of Ari’s more brilliant (or possibly less sane) days that they found themselves watching a reciprocating saw and realized that there was something interesting in the motion of that tool. For those who are fascinated by fucking machines, but can’t quite get their hands on any of the costlier options, find a reciprocating saw attachment – easy, cheap and you can hide it in the case with the saw! Play with one to claim this quest.


To claim this quest:

One day, when Ari was dreaming up new devices at the forge in the Redoubt, they realized that there are all sorts of adventures to be had in their penetrative wares for vaginas and butts, but nothing for a penis to do. They set to work right away to remedy that situation, and designed a powered stroker device. Nowadays, there are lots of high tech options, from VR-linked videos that send info to the device so that it can replicate what the viewer is seeing, to APIs that let homebrew developers write their own apps for controlling the device, but Ari is happy with the original steam-powered model. Play with a powered stroker device to claim this quest!

Saddle Up!

To claim this quest:

Another machine in the human (or dwarven) powered category is a saddle style fucking machine. Ari designs them with a phallus attached underneath a frame with a flexible material that a rider can sit on. An opening in the seat allows access, either to the phallus attached below, or to a partner positioned in any of a variety of positions underneath the rider (with the phallus removed.) Unlike the rocker, the phallus itself doesn’t move – the rider bonuces on the flexible seat in order to provide the elbow grease. Play with a saddle-style machine to claim this quest.

Follow Ari’s Lead

To claim this quest:

Fucking Machines can be tough to get a hold of, and though some good lower-priced and smaller options exist, for some, nothing will do but a full-scale, tireless warrior of machine-precision fucking. For those who are a little bit handy, another option exists. Directions and plans can be found online for a wide variety of DIY machines, and while Ari doesn’t think any human could match their excellence at designing and building these amazing devices, they don’t really think any of the human companies selling fucking machines can match their skill either (and they’re probably right.) They encourage you to give it your best shot!

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Gambol Enclave Engineer’s Redoubt

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