Close Shore

Close Shore is a tidy, well-kept coastline that is overlooked by the brightly adorned and neat keep of Shaven Hold. It’s a poorly kept secret that the lady of the Hold is none other than fairy tale celebrity, Rapunzel, known for her long, luxurious locks. The people of the region, perhaps in deference to their famous Lady, spend a great deal of time engrossed in grooming all of the hair on their bodies, from brushing and styling one another’s coiffures, to tending to silky smooth vulvas and tidy balls. Close Shore is a fantastic vacation spot for fastidious folk and the people who love them.

Rapunzel stood in the sunlight at the top of the tower, running a brush idly through her absurdly long hair, looking down upon her people fondly. The barber strolled up to the base of the tower and smiled, squinting up at the Lady through rays of sun. “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your long hair.” he chided up at her. Tired of hearing the refrain, she threw down her retort, “But beneath all her skirts, her sweet kitten’s quite bare. Unfortunately, today that isn’t quite so. Come up, dear tailor, and help me reclaim my fairytale status.”

Close Shore Quests

Interest in Close Shore

To claim this quest:

There can be something quite soothing and sexy about the act of grooming – from beautifying the hair on our heads to removing the body hair that can leave such sensitive, smooth skin behind. Rapunzel prides herself on her long, lovely hair, but will not tolerate any other hair on her body. Her barber helps her keep her body smooth and sensitized, and she enjoys the act of making it so (tormenting the hardworking barber with her body all the while) as much as she loves the finished product. If you’re interested in ways to play with grooming, Close Shorn is a great place to start!

Hot Towel Shave

To claim this quest:

There is a certain ritual to shaving, even the hurried way many of us do it in the day to day. For the denizens of Close Shore (who are intrigued by many of the rituals inherent in grooming) there is a special magic in an old-fashioned shave. Warmed shaving cream and a shaving brush, a sharp, simple razor and hot towels before, during and after (you could even throw in some essential oil for a bonus luxury factor.) Spend some time doing your homework and learn everything you need to know to give a partner a proper hot towel shave (this could be the face, but could also be applied to the legs or any other area that wants shaving!) Whether you are the lucky recipient or the hardworking student barber, you can claim this quest!


To claim this quest:

For many of us, our hair is a central facet of our identity (Rapunzel can relate!) Allowing a partner to style your hair can make for an intimate game. From washing and brushing to choosing a style (perhaps something you have never seen them wear) it’s a playful way to see one another in a new light. For the very brave (and talented) among us, allowing someone to cut or dye your hair can be a bold act of trust, but if you stick to hairspray and colored gel, it can easily make for an evening of fun that doesn’t leave any lasting evidence. Play with someone’s hair or let them play with yours (Rapunzel recommends both!) to claim this quest.


To claim this quest:

While there is some overlap between this and the hairstyling quest, Rapunzel loves having her hair braided enough to focus on that activity alone for this quest. If your partner’s hair is long enough (or if yours is) study up – find a pretty braid, or an interesting one (you might be surprised at how many different ways exist to do something as simple as plaiting hair!) It’s almost like mini-bondage, with far lower stakes. Braid someone’s hair in an intricate style, or let them braid yours to claim this quest.

Pubic Shaving

To claim this quest:

Many of us appreciate a freshly shaven set of naughty bits – the smoothness of the skin, the sensitivity the razor leaves behind, the convenience of easy access. There’s a lot to love. Often, though, we do our shaving behind closed doors, like it’s just the preparation for the main event. Shaving together can be intimate and fun. The focus of your partner’s whole bearing as they carefully navigate the slopes and curves of your body, their earnest attempt to help you get as smooth as possible without doing any harm, all of it can make for an intense experience – and if you get a nick here or there, they can always kiss it better for you! Shave a partner, allow a partner to shave you (or do like Rapunzel and her Barber and do both) to claim this quest!

Visit the Tavern:

Gambol Enclave Close Shore

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