Anal Islet

Off the west coast of Gambol Enclave, you’ll find the festive Islet of Anal. The denizens of this tiny island can be found beneath the palm trees at any hour of day or late into the night, celebrating their love of all things anal. The residents and visitors of anal islet are given to revelry, and will don their celebratory togas and spill out onto the beaches at a moment’s notice, usually accompanied by their Caesar, a leader who appreciates the finer things in life, and has a weakness for a good pegging.

The evening was young on Anal Islet, the fires just starting as the sun sank below the horizon. Two young women giggled behind the brush as they experimented with their bodies. The sandalmaker greased up a metal phallus and warmed it with her body, pressing it between breasts that blushed pink in the last warmth of the day. The warrior watched with sly eyes, assuming the position on her back with her legs splayed wide, gasping slightly as the cool phallus slid, perhaps a little too quickly, into her ready hole. “Slower, next time,” she corrected. The sandalmaker giggled again, “Yes, ma’am. I will try ma’am.” The warrior moaned softly as the sandalmaker continued roughly driving the phallus in and out of her body. “You’d best,” she breathed. “Your turn is next.”

Anal Islet Quests

Interest in Anal Islet

To claim this quest:

So much attention is often focused on the front halves of our bodies, but The Caesar knows that the back half has its pleasures, too. He loves the feeling of pressing his notoriously enormous cock deep into a well-trained ass, but his anal fantasies are equal opportunity. He doesn’t hesitate to take a cock in his own ass, and he would never have become Caesar of this Islet if he hadn’t done his share of anal training. Giving, receiving or both – if you are curious about anal play, you can claim this quest!

On The Rim

To claim this quest:

The Caesar doesn’t stop with giving and receiving anal sex. He loves all things anal, including the taste of that forbidden flower, throbbing with pleasure beneath his tongue and the sensitive-sweet kiss of another’s mouth on his own anal entry. If you play this way whether giving or receiving, whether delving deep or just caressing the rim, you can claim this quest.

The P-Spot

To claim this quest:

For many years there has been talk of the G-spot, and now there’s the A-spot. People with vaginas seem to get all the named, hard-to-find real estate! It’s time to put the shoe on the other foot, because only people with penises have the P-spot! Legend has it that massage of the prostate can lead to intense pleasure (and The Caesar can attest that it’s true!) Whether you have a P-spot or just help someone out to find theirs, you can claim this quest!

Anal Training Session

To claim this quest:

Those who live on Anal Islet are generally ready for anything, when it comes to anal play, but The Caesar is known to caution visitors that upon their first visit to the Islet, some preparation is required. There are a vast variety of toys that are made for butts, and it can be a rewarding process to work on slowly increasing your capacity, until you can take a massive cock like The Caesar’s without blinking an eye. Spend an entire play session playing with some beginner anal toys and getting a feel for how much you can comfortably (or a little uncomfortably) take to claim this quest.

Dedicated Pupil

To claim this quest:

Visitors to Anal Islet quickly learn that anal training is not a race. It’s a journey that can be taken slowly, enjoying every bend in the road. Get a series of toys, some that you can take right now, others that you are not yet ready for and set a schedule for how often you’ll undertake your training. Take your time working up through your toys, and when you can finally take your goal toy easily, you can claim this quest. (You can also claim this quest by administering the anal training to a willing scholar of the anal arts.)

The Peachtree

To claim this quest:

The Caesar is a consummate fan of performance art – there’s nothing he loves more than a live show involving his favorite body part. One of his most beloved acts to watch is known, on the Islet, as ‘The Peachtree’ and involves two celebrants, backed up rear to rear, with a double headed phallus penetrating both of them – the branch, if you will, from which our two peaches are suspended. Create your own performance art, in private or in public, to claim this quest.

Pretty Beads

To claim this quest:

Anal Islet is a simple place, not given to much adornment or jewelry. The closest you’ll find to that sort of finery here is a set of anal beads. If you love the sensation of entry and exit, rather than the feeling of wearing a static butt toy, anal beads might just be your thing. The Caesar has sets in silicone, and glass and metal wands – there are lots of options. Play with anal beads (either by wearing them or helping someone else to insert and remove them (possibly more than once!) to claim this quest.

Full Caesar

To claim this quest:

While perhaps the Caesar’s favorite thing might be the sensation of being pegged by a merciless woman, the thing he is best known for on the islet is the ceremonious usage of his enormous cock to celebrate a visitor’s readiness to take it. Around the bright fires of the nightly festivals, anyone who feels ready for the challenge can come forward and The Caesar will gladly subject them to his own personal version of The Coliseum (with plenty of lube at hand, I mean, he’s not a *monster.*) When the time is right, indulge in your own celebration of full anal sex to claim this quest.

Visit the Tavern:

Gambol Enclave Anal Islet

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