God’s Eye

The Tower of God’s Eye sits in the center of its own dedicated city. Legend has it that the tower is named for its dizzying heights – so high in the sky that the brave climber at its top floor can see the land all sprawled out before the tower, like a deity. However, if you climb to the top of the tower, with its view of tiny, barely discernible townsfolk, you’ll miss all the fun of God’s Eye. Perhaps the residents were drawn here by the heady feeling of being seen from the towertop to begin with, but now they like to be seen from the buildings, the streets – from everywhere. The pleasures of the body in some dark, private space aren’t what the God’s Eye denizens crave – they like to watch and be watched. If you frolic in the streets on the right afternoon, you might just see a slender shadow, watching with bright eyes just out of sight. Don’t worry – that’s Tom – he just likes to watch.

“While we’re visiting, we should do as the townsfolk do, no?” The goodwife stripped brazenly out of her dress and preened in the sunlight, looking expectantly at her husband. He looked around nervously. “I’m not sure. What if, I mean…” The goodwife’s hands were busy at the fastening of her husband’s trousers, and for all his reticence, when she brought him forth, he seemed as excited as she. She dropped to her knees and quickly went to work, applying her ready mouth to his well-at-attention member. Turning her head, she started at first when she saw Tom in the shadows, watching with avid interest, but as she made eye contact with him, keeping her rhythm steady, she felt a strange warmth threading its way through her body.

God’s Eye Quests

Interest in God’s Eye

To claim this quest:

There is a certain thrill in partaking in normally private activities, out where you might be seen. A loving whisper between the covers in the dark of night is sweet, but if you are curious about the caress of the warm sun while you play, then you might be interested in a visit to God’s Eye. There’s another aspect to this rustic town that might call to you as well. Tom o’ the Shadows lives in God’s Eye, and it isn’t his intent to touch (though on the right festival night, he might let himself be convinced.) Tom likes to watch. If you find your heart drawn to Tom’s activities of choice, you can also claim interest in God’s Eye.

Open Window

To claim this quest:

A good place to start your journey, if you engage in carnal play where the window coverings are not quite as protective as you might wish – where technically, someone approaching the window might be able to look in and see what you’re about, you can claim the Open Window Quest.

My Own Backyard

To claim this quest:

If you’re craving a visit to God’s Eye, but can’t make the trip until after the harvest, don’t despair – you can find the pleasures of that fair city in your own back yard. If you’re brave (and have a stolid enough fence) you can play right beneath the sun’s rays (or the moonbeams if you prefer.) For more timid souls, play under the covers still counts as play outdoors! Whatever you do, if you do it in your own backyard, you can claim this quest.

Mother Nature’s Embrace

To claim this quest:

While the denizens of God’s Eye usually prefer to play their games in the city streets, there’s something to be said for the prickly embrace of Mother Nature herself. If you find a secluded spot where you are free to explore your pleasure amidst the wilds, you can claim this quest.

In Public – Indoors

To claim this quest:

It does get quite cold in God’s Eye in the winter. Though there are some who don’t mind the chill, many move to the warmth of the Tavern (or basically any other building in the city!) Knowing that public frolic of this kind is the expected behavior in God’s Eye does less than you might think to detract from the thrill of touching a lover before Tom’s avid gaze. While God’s Eye is a special place, it’s not the only locale where public sex is encouraged. Whether you visit a swing club, a bdsm club, or some other place where people are expecting to see others play, you can claim this quest!

In Public – Outdoors

To claim this quest:

There’s something special about kneeling on the cobblestones to bury your face in a partner’s lap, or the tickle of the grass on your back in the fields of God’s Eye. There are many places outside of God’s Eye where you can play outside with others watching (though you won’t find Tom there – he tends to stay in the shadows of his own city!) From kinky campouts to warm weather sex festivals and even the outdoor grounds of some sex clubs, there are many places to scratch your public itch in the great outdoors. If you do, you can claim this quest.

Visit the Tavern:

Bohemia God’s Eye

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