Glamour Keep

Glamour Keep is an old fashioned castle, set high on a crag with only a single road leading in and out. The Princess of the Keep likes it that way – as isolated from the bustle and worry of the rest of the kingdom as possible. The keep features all of the features one might need in a remote disconnected keep, from a full healers’ suite, to a chapel, a schoolroom, a barracks and even a solar where the Princess might see to accounts. In fact, if the denizens of the Keep waited until they needed to use any of those areas, in such a quiet and isolated place, they might never see any use at all. Good thing the Princess is so fond of play acting.

The sun rose slowly, peeking through the elegant arch of the castle window to creep across the Princess’ buxom form as she lay sprawled across her enormous bed. When it reached her eyes, she rubbed them petulantly, then swung her legs to the floor. She emerged from her boudoir to the usual assembly in the drawing room, her colorful sleeping dress dangling over shapely legs, and her stuffed dragon hanging from one hand. Yawning widely, she scanned her gathered subjects. “Who shall I play with today?”

Glamour Keep Quests

Interest in Glamour Keep

To claim this quest:

The Princess of Glamour Keep passed the age of majority long since, but she never abandoned her love for play. Almost every corner of the castle is built for pretend scenarios, and she spends her days with her subjects and visitors alike, acting out whatever whimsical fantasy she can conjure up. Some of us are built for imaginary play, and for others it’s a challenge to find the right state of mind. Either way, you can claim this quest if you are drawn to the Princess’ Keep with a curious heart. You are hereby formally invited to come and play.


To claim this quest:

A game the Princess likes to play goes something like this: The Princess is unwell, and she can’t seem to sort out why. She goes to the healers’ suite to ask that helpful soul for a diagnosis. Whoever has been tasked with playing the healer that day knows exactly what to do, and uses a variety of vaguely medical-seeming devices to help the Princess ease her Hysteria by dispensing heavy doses of prescribed pleasure. Play any version of this game, in any role to claim this quest.

Playing Doctor

To claim this quest:

Here’s another of the Princess’ favorite games: Perhaps one of her limbs is broken, or she might need some esoteric procedure. The Princess doesn’t shy from medical treatments that hurt, either – she knows that sometimes that’s the best way to feel better. The healer (whoever is playing that role today) is always happy to help. The Princess *does* however, always demand a lolly and a cuddle once the procedure is done. If you play any version of this game, in any role, you can claim this quest.

The Clergy

To claim this quest:

The Princess loves imagery that has complex roots – and there is little that is more charged for her than the imagery of faith. She loves to play clergy. Sometimes she takes the role of a naughty nun, who needs to have her habit hauled over her head so she can be turned over a pew and spanked soundly. Other times she creeps, blushing, into the confessional booth where she whispers shyly of her transgressions before being reassured that forgiveness is just a few acts of penance away. She likes to wear prayer beads, and she doesn’t always wear them around her neck. So many games to play – if you play any of them, you can claim this quest.

Lessons to Learn

To claim this quest:

The Princess loves to go to lessons. Sometimes, whoever is playing the teacher that day chooses something fun to learn, and the Princess is a shameless teacher’s pet. Other days, the lessons are boring, and the Princess is forced to act out until she’s punished in front of the whole class. (Don’t tell, but she loves that too!) Once in a great while, on very special days, the Princess comes to school ready to teach the class, a scenario her subjects love and dread with equal verve. If you play any of these games, you can claim this quest.

The Long Arm of the Law

To claim this quest:

The Princess keeps a whole complement of the Queensguard at the keep, despite the fact that the Keep is as safe from threat as any castle could be. Another favorite game that she loves to play is to pretend that she is in big trouble with the law. Sometimes she likes to play that she gets herself out of trouble with the right set of skills and favors. Other times, she likes to pretend that the trouble is too great to escape and only intense or public punishment will do (or both!). Sometimes she even likes to pretend to be a Queensguard herself, and strides around the keep dispensing justice at the end of a shiny black cudgel. If you play games like this, you can claim this quest.

Junior Scribe

To claim this quest:

The Princess also keeps a full library with a complex system of junior and senior scribes, all of whom report to one another in a jumbled hierarchy. Some days, she emerges from her boudoir with smudges of ink on her cheeks and a pointy quill in hand, so she can play at being a scribe. Sometimes, she plays that she works for a senior scribe who takes advantage of her hard work in the most shocking of ways. Other times, she plays the boss and makes use of her junior scribes to while away long, pleasant afternoon hours (only until the sun begins to set, though – even she has to respect quitting time!) If you play games like this, you can claim this achievement.

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