Gaia’s Table

Gaia’s Table is a grand city, with a bustling marketplace and an elegant castle within its stout walls. Walk through the marketplace and you’ll see a vast array of fruits and vegetables in varying bright colors and interesting shapes and sizes. When you get to the castle, you’ll find the feast hall is always open, the fires are always crackling merrily away, and the massive trestle tables are set up for more than just eating (though you won’t leave hungry!) At the head of the table, you’ll find the Sovereign of Gaia’s Table. They watch over the proceedings with a merry eye, and if you visit on the right evening they might even deign to come down from their throne to play!

With a groan of effort, the farmer pushed his cart of cucumbers and eggplant into the feast hall, trailing dust behind the wheels. The Sovereign watched the farmer’s flexing arms with interest as he maneuvered the cart to a resting position. “Where’d you like these set up, yer grace?” The Sovereign cocked their head to the side, thoughtful. “I think perhaps we should test your wares before we are prepared to accept delivery, good farmer.” Sighing, but with a tiny secret smile, the farmer came forward to assume the position over the table.

Gaia’s Table Quests

Interest in Gaia’s Table

To claim this quest:

Wisdom of the ages says, “Don’t Play With Your Food.” The Sovereign thinks that’s just a waste. There are so many ways that bodies and food can bring pleasure aside from the simple act of eating. If you have an interest in visiting the Gaia’s Table marketplace and learning more about all the ways you can make use of what you buy there (and the farmer will be happy to educate you, I’m sure) then you can claim this quest.

The Marketplace

To claim this quest:

Playing with food is an exercise in creativity. How can you make something that you have seen a thousand times in mundane settings into something suddenly sexy and unexplored? If you walk the stalls at the Gaia’s Table marketplace, you’ll find lots of helpful farmers who can offer suggestions for entertaining ways to pervert their produce. They might even offer a demonstration, if it’s the right day. Your local marketplace will likely be less helpful, but if you make a special trip to wander the aisles in search of something special to bring you or your partner pleasure, you can claim this quest.

Produce Artist

To claim this quest:

If you wander the marketplace stalls in Gaia’s Table, you’ll find a tantalizing array of textures and shapes that mother nature has designed to please you and your partners of choice. There are those, however, who are true artisans at heart. For those creative souls, nothing will do but to expand on nature’s palette by carving new shapes or textures into fruits and vegetables for the sake of pain or pleasure. If you prove yourself one such soul, you can claim this quest.

Ice Cream Sundae

To claim this quest:

The Sovereign does have a special place in their heart for the farmers who grow fruits and vegetables in the dirt around the city. Still, they wouldn’t want you to forget the hard working dairy farmers of the region either. For those who can handle a little chill, there are so many possibilities for making a special occasion out of an ice cream sundae. Make a sundae of your partner (or yourself!) and don’t forget to clean up every drop before you come back to claim this quest!

Dinner In

To claim this quest:

The Sovereign loves a little spontaneous fun as much as the next all-powerful ruler. What they love even more, though, is some good old fashioned planning. To claim this quest, prepare an entire dinner for you and a partner to eat entirely from one another’s body. (Even if you don’t have access to giant trestle tables like the Sovereign has – you’ll make do.) One course at a time, from specific, defined regions of the body, take turns eating and serving. The Sovereign’s favorite surprise is when they reveal that they are dessert.


To claim this quest:

This quest has a little bit of a dominant/submissive twist to it, but The Sovereign would remind you (quite sternly) that they are, in fact, the high ruler of Gaia’s Table and as such, they would have you obey them without question (while you are here, anyway.) One partner should only eat from the other’s hand for a 24 hour period. Eat what you’re given, only from the hand of the one who has agreed to feed you, and if you don’t like it? Well, you could bite the hand that feeds you, just a little, but be prepared for consequences.

Visit the Tavern:

Bohemia Gaia’s Table

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