Cake Settling

Cake Settling is a joyful little island where it always looks like a baking festival is going on. Colorful delicacies sit on low tables everywhere, as though everyone is about to settle in to sit on the floor and eat an indulgent spread of desserts. The kink of the place only becomes apparent when the denizens appear, some in pants, others in skirts and a few brave ones in nothing at all. Some gingerly, others with joyful abandon, they begin one by one to drop down onto the beautiful baked goods, giggling with pleasure as the frosting and spongy cakes squish beneath them. Want to spend hours baking something intricate, only to watch it disappear beneath a beautiful set of nethers? Want to feel the smoosh of frosting between your thighs? Looking to taste the remnants of an utterly destroyed cupcake on the smooth surface of skin? The baker-in-chief welcomes you to the happy island of Cake Settling!

“Baker, is that cake ready yet? Time is running short!” The shoemaker peeked his head around the doorway where the Baker-in-Chief was just piping the last line of lilac frosting along the edge of a perfectly decorated confection. He put a last dusting of shimmering sugar on the top, just as the hurrying shoemaker lifted it from the table. He sighed deeply, watching as the shoemaker scurried out into the square, just in time to place the work of art beneath the descending, sculpted perfection of the stable hand’s ass. All in a good day’s work.

Cake Settling Quests

Interest in Cake Settling

To claim this quest:

If baking is a fine art, perfected over several centuries of artisanship (and it is) then it’s only fitting that a kink should follow. Anything that deserves effort deserves a kink. There are many ways to interact with Cake Sitting, and lots of fun reasons to do it. If you have never felt the forbidden squish of frosting and sponge beneath you, but you’re curious, then this is the place to start!

Cupcake Seat

To claim this quest:

The Baker-In-Chief loves making many-tiered, enormous cakes for celebrations (even if he does sigh most dreadfully when they always end up sat upon.) However, everyone has to start somewhere. If you aren’t sure that sugary-messy frosting is your thing, but you have to try, you can claim this quest by sitting on a little tiny cupcake.

Enough For Everyone

To claim this quest:

If you tried sitting on a cupcake and liked it, or if you are brave enough to skip straight to the messy stuff, there’s nothing like sitting on enough cake to feed the entire Cake Settling city council. Acquire a sheet cake (a whole sheet cake presents lots of opportunities, but even if it’s just a half sheet, it will get the job done.) Make like a slip and slide, then come on back and claim your quest!

Grand Cake Destroyer

To claim this quest:

Ah, cake sitting – the mess, the squish, there’s so much to love. But if you think the physical sensations are the only fun part, you’re missing a whole element of cake sitting – just ask the Baker-In-Chief. Don’t be fooled by the way his face falls when the stable hand drops his glorious ass on a creation that took hours to get just right – there’s a reason he lives here, after all. To claim this quest, you’ll need to obliterate a grand cake. What counts as a grand cake? Well, the Baker-In-Chief would say it has to have at least a little disco dust, but the ultimate determination is up to you!

Happy Birthday to My Ass

To claim this quest:

It’s a little weird that Cake Sitting has its own whole island in Kinktasia, right? The thing is, cakes mean a lot of things to a lot of people, and that meaning is what gives Cake Sitting some of its charge. If some hidden meaning is why you get a kick out of this kink, what has more meaning than a birthday cake? To claim this quest, sit on a good old fashioned birthday cake – bonus points if it is actually your birthday. (Candles are optional!)

Not a Cake Person

To claim this quest:

Some people love nothing more than a beautifully frosted, expertly decorated sweet and spongy cake. It’s the Baker-In-Chief’s favorite! Then there are some who just don’t love cake. For those (or just brave adventurers in search of a new sitting experience) there’s always pie. Fruit pie, cream pie, there are so many options when it comes to sitting on pies, and all of them offer uniquely messy and delicious sensations. Just wait until it’s cool before you splosh. (Or don’t.)

It’s a Party!

To claim this quest:

What goes better with cakes than a party? You can claim this quest by going to a cake sitting party – recreate your own little piece of Cake Settling in your own town. Another option for the exhibitionists in the room – have a party and be the guest of honor, by being the only one to sit on a cake. If there are more people there than just you and your significant other(s) (and singing – there should definitely be singing) you can claim this quest!

Baker-In-Chief In Training

To claim this quest:

In Cake Settling, the Baker-In-Chief is everyone’s hero. After all, without all of his hard work, what would we all sit on? Be like everyone’s favorite baker and roll up your sleeves and bake your own mystical, gorgeous creation just to see it obliterated. You can sit on your own cake, or if you really want to be like the Baker-In-Chief, let a loved one sit on it while you watch (world-weary sigh optional.)

Visit the Tavern:

Bohemia Cake Settling

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