Bounty’s Fount

Bounty’s Fount sits nestled protectively inside of a series of generously flowing waterfalls. Some say that the local kink was inspired by the constant lull of flowing water that surrounds the area, others that the residents felt most at home at Bounty’s Fount because of their love for sharing milk, but either way, it’s a fitting setting. The village milkmaid is always free to chat about the region’s lusty lore, or just to trade tips and tricks, but don’t get too close while she’s expressing, or she might just squirt you in the eye!

“I did it, I finally did it!” Cassandra held her skirts up as she ran all the way down the pathway to the milkmaid’s barn, breathless in her excitement. “I drank the tea, and practiced hard, and my founts are flowing!” The milkmaid smiled sagely from her milking stool. “Come over here, and we’ll test them out, shall we?”

Bounty’s Fount Quests

Interest in Bounty’s Fount

To claim this quest:

Bounty’s Fount is a place where people have gathered from all around to celebrate the natural and soothing art of lactation. Some only visit this idyllic hamlet during pregnancy, but there are many who devotedly work to keep the founts flowing by more human-powered means. Whatever your interest, if the subject of lactation is at the heart of your quest, this is the place to start!

Dry Run (1 week)

To claim this quest:

Some come to Bounty’s Fount and are lucky enough to have milk flowing freely. However, it isn’t necessary to wait for mother nature to start the party. Convincing breasts to do what they were made to do can sometimes be as easy as sending the right message. Claim this quest after concentrated stimulation of the nipples and breasts every day (whether through suckling or pumping, or even just massage.)

Dry Run (1 month)

To claim this quest:

If you’ve tried daily stimulation and it is working out well for you, there’s no reason not to continue the party. To claim this quest, just carry out concentrated stimulation of the nipples and breasts every day for a month, whether it’s through suckling, pumping, massage or if you want to go high tech, you could try out a TENS unit! (The milkmaid picked one up on a journey to Spark Ridge, and she loves it!)

Flowing Fount

To claim this quest:

Legend at Bounty’s Fount has it that it can take anywhere from weeks to months to encourage the flow of milk. The would-be givers of milk flood to the milkmaid’s barn for advice and encouragement for as long as it takes to reach the goal that they (and their receivers of choice) desire. When the magic finally happens, you can claim this quest!

Drink at the Fount (1 week)

To claim this quest:

Whether through long devotion to the cause or through natural means, you now have freely flowing milk. One way to properly appreciate your bounty (aside from a quick visit to the milkmaid to celebrate your good fortune) is to make use of it every day for a week. Whether suckling, dousing a willing partner, or pumping into some worthy vessel, if you do it every day for a week, you can claim this quest.

Drink at the Fount (1 month)

To claim this quest:

Bounty’s Fount is a popular place to visit. While many pass through, some just gazing upon the wonder of freely flowing breasts, others putting in the time and effort for a short burst of bounty, there are some devoted few who settle in to keep the milkmaid company for the longer term. If you get to the point where you have a steady flow of milk, and then make use of Gaia’s bounty daily for a month, you can claim this achievement (and the milkmaid’s regard!)

Bounty’s Fount Bake-Off

To claim this quest:

Bounty’s Fount is a majestic sight any time of year, whether you stop to watch the denizens cooling one another off with streams of wholesome milk in the hottest months of summer, or settling into the warm tavern hall to nurse from the warm comforting breasts of the tavern girls in the dark of winter (or even the milkmaid if you happen into the tavern on the right night!) One of the most special times to visit is the Harvest Baking Festival, when the denizens all work hard on cookies, cakes and brownies with their own special signature ingredients. To claim this quest, bake something special (for your partner(s) or yourself!) with milk from your own bounty to enter into the Bounty’s Fount Bake-off!

Visit the Tavern:

Bohemia Bounty’s Fount

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