First of all, if you’re being directed to this page, and expected to see something else, that’s probably because you haven’t created an account yet! Membership is completely free (though we have Patreon with some extra cool benefits, if you really love the site and want to help us make it better.)

A little more about what, exactly, is. We’re Ana and Soren, the creators, developers and moderators of the community. We’ve been adventuring together for many years. We love kink, and we love games, and we believe that’s not an unusual combination.

First and foremost, is a community. We, and many others that we know, have had mixed success with in-person communities and we’re trying to build a kink community online, for times when you can’t get out into the world to do your thing, or for people who aren’t ready for the in-person drill yet. This isn’t a dating site, and it’s not a place to look for people to play with. This is a place to talk about all the amazing things we do with other people who also like to do them!

Second, KinkQuest is a podcast. We like to tell stories, and the KinkQuest podcast is our way to sit down and talk about some of the adventures we have been on, and to chronicle our ongoing journey as we try new things.

Finally, and perhaps most exciting, KinkQuest is a game! You can play by yourself, or with a partner, or with many partners! Here’s how it works:

  • Spend some time on the World Map, exploring
  • Find Quests you want to undertake (these can be things you have never done before, or things you want to do again)
  • Pin the Quests you like, for future reference
  • By logging in, sharing your stories with the community, and asking your questions to the other kinksters here, you will gain gems
  • Spend an evening (or morning, afternoon – the whole day if you can get away with it!) playing in some very specific way suggested by the Quest (alone or with others as you see fit)
  • Claim the Quest, using the gems that you have earned

The game fits into the community – we can see which Quests people are completing on the Feed, and when you click on a specific Quest, you can see which members have completed it. Also, in the Members list, you can see which Quests a specific member has completed. This way, if you want to ask questions about something particular, you can see some recommended similar kinksters.

We have also set up a vast array of forums, where you can have discussions about very specific subject matter to your kinky little heart’s desire!

There are a few goals here:

  1. Games are fun. Sex is fun. We’re always in the market for a way to combine the two!
  2. For some people, looking at the giant list of Fetlife tags can feel like coming in a little cold. It’s easy to get spooked about things that you might actually like, if you just had a minute to think them through. Our angle is that with a little art, some silly fantasy-themed stories and a dopamine-inducing Quest system like we see in our favorite video games, it might get a little easier to settle in and have a little fun with some things that are outside of our comfort zone.

We have big dreams for this little site, even though it’s just getting started right now. Things to watch for in the future:

  • Development of an actual Video Game, based in the world of Kinktasia
  • Stories and books written in the Kinktasia world
  • Sexy bonus Patreon audio podcast episodes
  • As many more fun ideas as we can dream up!

Join us, (you can register for free right now at the top right of the screen) and let’s see what adventures we can get into!

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