Episode 11 – A Trip to Collared Grove

This week, we are talking about a subject that has a really broad array of meanings to people in the kink world – collaring! We talk a little about what it means to us, and the different meanings that different collars have had in our dynamic over time.

In this episode, we talked about an amazing leather shop that we discovered entirely by coincidence by living directly behind it, but couldn’t remember the name of the shop. That shop is Northbound Leather, and to judge by the reviews on Yelp, is still an amazing place to get high quality leather gear and clothing.

Finally, we talked a little about the Discord in this episode. We are really working to build a great online community of like-minded people, so if you would like to be part of the Discord and have fun, in-depth conversations about kink with us, get in touch through the site at KinkQuest.org, on Twitter @KinkQuest_Org or via e-mail Ana@KinkQuest.org and we will set you up with an invite. One day, when we get the community really running, it may be part of the ‘Support KinkQuest’ rewards to join, but for now it’s completely free! Come help us build something cool!