Episode 7 – KinkQuest Campaigns

I cannot possibly communicate via blog post how very excited I am to finally be podcasting again! We have really missed podcasting and Twitter and all of the various ways that KinkQuest connected us to a lovely community of people, but life got tough for a little bit and we had to focus on other things.

However, now we are back and recording and questing again. I also have plans to update lots of little things on the site, but for now I just wanted to get an episode up so that the podcast would be officially no longer dead!

Part of our time away from podcasting has been about the whole life thing, but another part has been an uncertainty about where to go with this podcast and how to cover all the ground that we both want to cover. We got some time off work this week (finally!) and spent many hours in deep conversation about what to do, and this episode is the result.

This week, we’re talking about our 3 big kink goals, and how we plan to move them forward. (Looking for more kinky/questy fun? Watch for Episode 8, coming up as soon as I can get it edited, Adventures in Sustainer’s Keep!) In this episode, we outlined each of our 3 ‘Campaigns’:

• Building a Guild (Episodes that follow our quest to find a local in-person community)

• Developing a Warder Bond (Our studies in how to better use kink to support my mental health)

• Perfecting my Android Goddess (Soren’s goals in training me to be my best and most exhibitionist self)

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