Episode 6 – Aftercare and Care

This week, we’ve been working way too many hours, and we’re both in need of some aftercare, so it seemed like a good time to chat about what aftercare is, what drop looks like, and how we can all take better care of one another.

We talked about:

• Adding Healing Springs, the Aftercare city (thanks to a request from @Mjao!)

• What you might put in an Aftercare kit (or at least what’s in ours!)

• Sub Drop / Dom Drop

• Subspace / Domspace / Flow State

• Taking care of each other in a messed up world

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  1. A shoutout? You’re making me feel special here! It’s great to hear about the importance of aftercare and how to deal with being overwhelmed. When all is said and done, we’re all a mess. Hopefully an elegant, pleasant one!

    Overindulgence is one of My Things, and the end and withdrawal of which leads to that sort of emotional tide washing out, and some good aftercare (for me, rubbin’, cat pets, face touching, etc) makes for a great backstop to make sure things don’t spiral negatively.

    Things can get very intense, and after getting wonderfully lost in the moment, folk on both sides when snapping out of things can have a moment of “Holy shit, I did what?!” Aftercare can be so crucial in confirming that things were wanted, enjoyed, and respected, too.

    Also, speaking of flow state, spend some time really getting into a game of Tetris and you’ll find that you’re no longer thinking about of anything, just reacting in the moment on raw instinct. That’s probably the closest I can safe-for-work, nonkinkily compare to both sub and domspace. Great content, guys! Keep it up!

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