Episode 5 – Cupcake Sitting

This week, we did our first official Quest Episode! We thought, since we’re celebrating the launch of the website, cupcake sitting would be a nice, celebratory place to start!

For all the details about how we did it and what we learned (and a little bit of low-quality audio that we managed to record while we were on the adventure itself!) don’t miss Episode 5!

We talked about:

• What we did to prepare

• How to make the space for kink adventures when real life gets in the way

• What a tuffet is

• In the episode, Soren asked me to add a link to the Silicone douche bag that I discussed. It looks like mine is no longer available on Amazon, but you can find lots of similar ones if you just search ‘silicone enema bag’ Though the product is marketed for enemas (and works well for that too, if you need that sort of thing) most of them also come with a separate tip for douching that works really well! (Though I’d eventually love to upgrade to a tip that actually attaches to the shower!)

• We also talked about our favorite lube, The Butters, which has ingredients in it that help prevent infections. We’ve contacted Jerome about getting a coupon code to hopefully get our listeners some discounts, but for now, I’m just including a link to the site. Pick some up, you won’t regret it!

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  1. It’s great to have some of the candid stuff included! Things get goofy, especially in terms of sitting on cakes, so having that sort of real interaction does a great job displaying such. Show everyone how it’s done!

    “It gets complicated around my balls.” When doesn’t it?

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